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N. Papadopoulos: Fire against “voters”

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N. Papadopoulos: Fire against

DIKO President Nikolas Papadopoulos, speaking from the podium of the Parliament during the discussion of the revised Budget of 2021, expressing the position that the primary and highest duty of the Parliament is to control the executive power, said that a vote in favor of the budget, “Rewards entanglement and corruption, complicity in cover-up and sends the message to the Government of Entanglement: Keep up the good work, undisturbed, restless and carefree.”

The President of DIKO noted that despite the initial rejection, the Budget presented today is essentially the same as the one voted against a month ago and has a major problem with the previous budget that was rejected, the fact that the Government did not calculate 2nd wave of the pandemic will come.

Mr. Papadopoulos, referring to the reasons that pushed his party to vote against the Budget, spoke of a “corrupt Government that refuses to cooperate with the Audit Office”, which for the first time has caused our country to complain to the European Commission about scandal, which in the arrogance of power considers that no independent institution has the right to control it.

He went on to say that the President of the Republic said that “if he wants he can intervene in criminal proceedings” but did not do so and made reports about the 2nd trip of the President of the Republic to the Seychelles with the private jet Saudi Arabia, citing the conclusion of the Investigative Committee Kalogirou which, as he said, ascertains abuse of power and the possible commission of criminal offenses by those in charge.

He further stated that this week and three days ago the Council of Ministers “illegally decided and made a” gift “of tripling the salaries of the members of the Investigative Committee that investigates it”, while the day before yesterday, the Government beheaded another independent official who was bothering her , the former State Aid Superintendent, who responded to the former Minister of Finance, when he tried to impose on him the imaginative idea of the free shares of the Co-operation, that he was not going to “γίνει become a joker”.

He went on to say that just yesterday the Deputy Chairman of the ruling party and former Minister of Finance, Haris Georgiadis, testified before the Aresti Research Committee, confirming with his testimony that the Council of Ministers, as a rule, approved the naturalizations without control, either by direct with expediency and that as a rule the members of the Council of Ministers did not declare their conflict of interests when they approved naturalizations that concerned them.

The President of DIKO spoke about mutual stabbings of the Ministers of the Government, such as “Nouris against Petridis, Petridis against Hasikos, Christodoulidis against Haris, Haris against Hasikos and Hasikos say that there are people who do not want to say that they do not want everyone”.

He also said that the government is behaving with extremism and authoritarianism, ordering a police raid on a house because he was bothered by satire on twitter, forcing a newspaper editor to resign because he criticized the President of the Republic, continuing the war against the Auditor General because he just wants to his work.

“Concealment comes above all, the war against institutions and control continues unabated,” he continued, referring to “shame”, as the former Attorney General would say to them again.

That is why we, as a Democratic Party, insist that the naturalization files or their copies be given to the Audit Office, he added.

Having stated that DIKO also wants the budget to be voted “yesterday”, but we have a Government that puts its own intertwined interests above the interests of the economy and the citizens and instead of the Government dealing with solutions, it attempts to dissolve the institutions. of the country. He reiterated that this parliament must control the executive branch.

The President of DIKO also cited a number of reasons why his party considers that the Budget does not meet the real needs of the place and the economy and stated that certain parties function as branches of the Government of Interlocking and seem willing to help cover it up. attempting.

He expressed the opinion that the masks fell from some and said that as soon as the DISY Government needed ELAM they ran to support it, he said that the DIPA are presented as the so-called “genuine exponents” of the center, but “the only genuine on them is the flattery of power “and expressed the view that it was next for the deputies who obey Mario Karoyan” to side with the intertwined establishment “.

Regarding the attitude of EDEK, Mr. Papadopoulos made a clear distinction, noting the effort to achieve changes in the budget, which, as he said, did not perform as expected. He also regretted that a party with which they fought together would help the government get out of control with its vote.

Reiterating that it is the duty of the Parliament to restore this Government to order and to defend the independent institutions and the Constitution expressed the view that even if the Government manages to hide the files, to hide the scandal for a few more weeks with the outcry of the people. , will be forced to give them and the truth will shine, the responsibilities will be attributed and Cyprus will regain its lost dignity.

Source: www.philenews.com

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