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Nails from Sakharov: Russian diplomats abroad are being bullied

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Russian diplomats face psychological abuse abroad, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

“All kinds of threats are coming, which are not just evidence of his negative attitude. “These are specific things that are mainly related to psychological violence,” she said. “These are all kinds of 'creativity' in relation to our embassies, these are car attacks. “Diplomats really live on the front lines,” he added.

A Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman believes that one of the goals of such a “political campaign” against Russia is to alienate the Russian diplomatic service from the international community, citing the Russian Foreign Minister.

Offers of cooperation

“One of the parts of this political campaign, prepared by the West, is part of what Sergei Lavrov said the other day – that the West has declared a hybrid war against us “is to completely exclude the Russian diplomatic service from the international scene,” said Ms. Zakharova.

He also claimed that in the West, Russian diplomats received letters containing offers of cooperation with the special services of these countries.

“In Western countries or countries where the corresponding influence of the secret services is great, they received specific proposals not at the level of individual approaches, but at the level of specific letters, addressed to personal mail, with personal messages. “These were blackmails and threats so that, having felt their conscience, they would wake up, follow her, go out of the embassy and start interacting with the competent special services”, he said characteristically.

At the same time, Moscow seems to be playing games with the deportations of Western diplomats.

The lists, according to sources familiar with the developments, are ready from the moment the deportations of Russian diplomats began, but the announcements serve better come in waves and keep the topic up to date.

Source: politis.com.cy

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