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Natalia Germanou: I watched them smiling, she said about the reactions she received in the incident with Dallara

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    Ναταλλα Γερμα&nu ; ο ια τις αντιδρασεις που δΕχτηκε &sigma το περιστατικo με τον ΝταλΑρα

    “Because I saw some fingers raised, that if you don't want to be a hypocrite, look at changing your show, the show is already different” stressed

    Natalia Germanou made her comment regarding the reactions she provoked for what she said in relation to the incident between George Dalaras and the journalists.

    In particular, the presenter had justified the singer for his outburst towards the journalists, while his show was one of those that had sent a camera to get a statement. This was considered hypocritical by some presenters and people in the television industry and was discussed a lot in the days that followed the incident.

    On Saturday, February 3, through the show “Kalytera De Ginetai”, Natalia Germanou was positioned as the subject.

    In particular, he said: “I used to watch them smiling and I have learned after so many years in the courbetti I have learned to watch them with a soft tone and a condescending smile. I cant do anything else. I really don't want to open it up too much because I belong to the menagerie school – if I can use that word – Eleni always took an attitude of I don't answer. I consider it more correct”.

    The presenter added: “I saw colleagues saying that Natalia will answer on Saturday. Natalia will not answer on Saturday or Sunday. I respect all the opinions of colleagues, journalists, presenters, and I listen to them with respect. I filter, but I am accountable only to the people who all these years have been watching me and seeing me and criticizing me and to the channel that pays me, somewhere else I don't want to believe”.

    Finally, he said: “Because I saw some fingers raised, that if you don't want to be a hypocrite, look at changing your show too, the show is already different. It was always another show. I have the feeling that I and my partners and Spyros Raphael Keramidas are doing another show and it doesn't need many changes. She's different anyway. I'll close it here and we've been busy with myself. It was not me, but George Dalaras”.


    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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