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Naturalization / Gold passports: The responsible mind and Maria Adamidou

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Naturalizations / Gold passports: The responsible mind and Maria Adamidou

The investigative committee of Nikolatos did not manage to open its meetings to the journalists and the organs started. Where and how will the political responsibilities be distributed in relation to the KEP scandal?

Mr. Haris Georgiadis, Minister of Finance in the Anastasiadis government from 2013-2019 and candidate for the May 2021 parliamentary elections, clarified that he was not aware of the huge problems that the Cyprus Investment Program had and that he was informed for the first time about the huge holes which existed as soon as Mr. Konstantinos Petridis took over the Ministry of Interior in 2018. Then we started with Mr. Petridis to make things stricter, it seems that Mr. Georgiadis said, but leaving behind this position a huge peak. Since 2013, the well-known Minister of Interior was Mr. Socrates Hasikos, who, indirectly but clearly, based on the words of Mr. Harry Georgiadis, did not inform anyone, did not identify problems, on the contrary let the program work, “for the benefit of some as recently stated in an interview with “Politis” and the President of the Republic.

Let's not stick to the “re Haris” and “re Socrates” exchanged by the two former ministers on twitter. If the KEP was problematic and favored fraudsters, as Averof Neophytou found out, then Mr. Hasikos as a minister, under whose supervision the Passport Issuance Service was, and Mr. Haris Georgiadis, under whose supervision he was control of investors who applied for passports, bear very heavy responsibilities. It is true, of course, that efforts were made to improve the program, mainly during the ministry of Konstantinos Petridis. It is true that both Haris Georgiadis and Mr. Petridis from 2018 demanded the abolition of the program. It is true that Socrates Hasikos wanted to leave the ministry because he had puffed up with the lagoons that were pouring down the KEP.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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