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Olympiacos got a great victory over Karmiotissa and got some points in the battle for survival

ΤακτακαλΙτικο... παρτι στη Λεμεσo

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Olympiacos achieved a valuable “double”, as they escaped from the Tsirio stadium, winning 2-0 against Karmiotissa in the 3rd game of the playoffs of the championship. The team of Makis Sergidis was better in the field and with the goals of Halili in the 11th minute and Esseling in the 66th minute, they got the goal and went up to 22 points, which is what ENP also has. Karmiotissa remained at 30 points and in 4th place in the group.

First half

In the first half, Olympiacos started stronger and started better, showing that he wanted to impose his own pace on the pitch.

In the 11th minute the “black and green” were lucky to reach the goal in their first big phase of the game. A mistake was made on the part of Karmiotissa, Hendricks left on the counterattack, passed vertically to Halili and he made it 1-0 for Olympiacos from the side with a placekick.

Six minutes later, Olympiacos had the opportunity to reach a second goal with Charalambous and Sali combining well, with the former coming out from the side opposite Spoliaric, he made the spot, but the goalkeeper of Karmiotissa said “no”.

From then on, Makis Sergidis' team was in complete control inside the stadium, as they easily kept the 1-0 in their favor and constantly circulated the ball.

In the 41st minute, Olympiacos threatened again after a set piece. by Gorupets, Hendricks got a header, but the ball went just wide. The “black and green” circulated the ball and largely limited the opponent, who had difficulty threatening.

In stoppage time, Olympiacos won a penalty after a corner, as the ball hit Houbochan's hand, the ref didn't see anything, but the BAR notified him and then whistled the penalty. Sally executed, but the penalty was not good and fell and was collected by Spoliaric. So the first half ended 1-0 in favor of Olympiakos.

Second half

In the second half in the first 15 minutes we didn't have any big phase, with Olympiakos playing more defensively football, showing intentions to strike on counter-attacks and be careful not to concede goals.

The first big chance in the second half was found by Karmiotissa, in the 63' after a corner the “black and green” were kicked out, Ben Salam caught the shot outside the area, but Moll fell and saved, keeping the 1-0 in favor of his team.

Three minutes later, Olympiacos responded to Karmiotissa's great opportunity with a goal. In the 66th minute, after a corner, Essling headed the ball into the net, making it 2-0 for his team.

After Olympiakos' second goal, things became difficult for Karmiotissa who tried to threaten with some long shots, but no one worried Mol, who had the solution to the home team's threats.

2-0 in favor of Olympiakos it stayed until the end of the match and thus Sergidis' team celebrated a very important victory that raised them to 22 points.


Karmiotissa: Spoliaritz Malone, El Alouhi, Houbochan, Andronikou, Gratinarou, Tzanakakis, Ben Salam, Duris, Gaztanaya, Lukili

On the bench: Knobloch, Lukov, Chelutska, Koulibali, Aggeli, Miko, Economidis, Pattichis, Stavrou, Gravenberg , Neophytou

Olympic player: Moll, Bardi, Sali, Essling, Ioannou, Pehlivanis, Hendricks, Nani, Gorupets, Kalili, Charalambous

On the bench: Charles, Liasidis, Muktaris, Ka, Christodoulou, Dosis, Psychas, Giakoumakis, Kyriakou, Enoch, Alceus, Koroma

Scorers:/11' Halili, 66' Eseling

Yellows: Andronikou, Seloutska, Duris, Ben Salam/Ioannou, Bardi

Reds: /

Referee: Antoniou Marios
VAR: Antoniou Menelaos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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