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Need to triple green investments in 2030-50, said Piki

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    Cyprus' public investments for the next twenty years 2030-2050 should be doubled compared to the current decade, stated Deputy Minister to the President Irini Piki who participated on Monday as a speaker at the Green Agenda Cyprus Summit.

    At the same time, according to a statement from the Deputy Ministry, she pointed out that the cost of the green transition is lower than the cost of uncontrolled climate change.

    The intervention of the Deputy Minister focused on the strategic priorities set in the Government Program and presented the policies which are included in it, with the aim of improving the lives of citizens, placing particular emphasis on the green transition.

    In her opening remarks, she pointed out that climate change and its ever-increasing and intensifying consequences are the biggest challenge facing the planet today, noting that it is inextricably linked to planetary health.

    The Eastern Mediterranean region , he added, are among the fastest-warming regions in the world, making the effects of climate change more apparent. This fact, he said, underlines the need for the promotion of the green transition and the essential safeguarding of public health.

    Ms. Piki also stated that the Government, having a clear vision and road map for the promotion of clean energy, tackling energy poverty and removing energy isolation, is implementing specific policies and measures, with the green transition being one of the six priority axes that have people at the center.

    The policies for the green transition, he pointed out, are approached horizontally and not piecemeal, and are based on three pillars: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the transformation of the economy towards sustainability and the protection of the environment.

    Specific policies and measures to which he referred, include, among others, the implementation of sponsorship plans that strengthen the energy upgrade of households and businesses such as “Photovoltaic for all”, the promotion of tax reform through which green taxation is also implemented, the pilot application of green community and the promotion of Cyprus as a test site for new technologies for the utilization of solar energy.

    The Deputy Minister emphasized at the same time that any further delay in the implementation of economic policies that promote the green transition and the circular economy will cost much more in society.

    He also noted that in order to achieve the goals of the green transition, support and cooperation between political forces, businesses, social organizations, citizens and even governments is required, to implement viable and sustainable changes in all sectors of society.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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