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Neil Lennon: “Winning the Cup will be a great way to end the year”

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Read the interview of Omonia coach Neil Lennon in the magazine of the Coca Cup final & # 8211; Cola issued by the press office of the Cyprus Football Federation.

-You will claim a trophy in Cyprus, just a short time after you came to Omonia. How do you feel about that?

“It's a very good match for me. It means a lot if we win the cup. We will play against a team that is motivated. We did very well in the institution of the Cup. We eliminated a very good team like Anorthosis in the semifinals, so we won the right to be in the final. We will try to prepare the team as best as possible to have the right mentality for the final. It will be a great feeling of satisfaction and joy to win a trophy here in Cyprus “.

– Ten years have passed since the last time Omonia won the Cup and the team that will win the Cup, will play in the Europa League. Does this put extra pressure on your team to succeed in the final?

“No, you can not think about what will come next. We will just concentrate on the game, we will not pay attention to everything around and what is being said. It is a football game, it will be 90 or 120 minutes and we have to stay completely focused on the match and we will see what comes next “.

-What is your opinion about the National team with the which one will you play in the final?

“I saw them a few times and we played with them. They have some good players. Their results against AEK were excellent. It is a team that deserves respect, has a good way of playing, is flexible in its formation and also has speed. I have no doubt it will be a difficult match. I understand if someone considers us a favorite, but it is a Cup final and anything can be done. As I said, we just try to prepare as best we can and we will go to the match very optimistically. “

-What are the elements that determine the winner in such matches?

“Adapt to the atmosphere and do not stress. I was in the finals again, losing some. Things are divided when you get there and it is good that we have experienced players. It will really take a lot of concentration. It is a difficult year for the Club but the players are trying to reverse the situation in the last 3-4 months and this will be a very nice way to close the season “.

– In the Championship standings , there is a difference between the groups. Is this considered to affect the chances of winning the Cup? That there is a favorite and an underdog?

“No. I have seen outsiders win finals many times. Wigan beat Manchester City, Wimbledon beat Liverpool, Porto won the Champions League. The National has a lot of motivation in this game, there is no doubt. As I said, we must not listen to what is being said and concentrate on the struggle. We will approach him as we approach every match. “

-You have had the experience of participating in a final and winning the Cup in Scotland again. What do you think makes the Cup finals special in your opinion?

“It's the end of the season and you want to finish well. I have a lot of experience from Scotland, I won 4 finals as a coach. It will be intense, but maybe stress does not change anything for me. I have faith in my players, they are professionals and they have a job ahead of them. Many factors may go against you. You have to concentrate and be competitive. “

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