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Neocleous Tower – Construction work progressing successfully and on schedule

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Remarkable work progress on Limassol's future commercial landmark pushes it above the city skyline

Neocleous Tower - Επιτυχoς και &beta ;ασει χρονοδιαγραμματος εξελΙσ&sigma ;ονται οι κατασκευαστικς εργ&alpha ;σiες

Neocleous Tower invites high-end companies to discover the future of the workplace, through a modern, environmentally sustainable and high-quality building in the heart of Limassol. Redefining the existing working lifestyle and setting a new standard for office buildings in Cyprus, Neocleous Tower offers a technologically innovative and human-centric working environment that aims to promote excellence, collaboration and well-being of those who will be housed below from it.

Neocleous Tower - Επιτυχoς και &beta ;ασει χρονοδιαγραμματος εξελΙσ&sigma ;ονται οι κατασκευαστικς εργ&alpha ;σiες

Neocleous Tower, an architectural masterpiece in Limassol, with a total area of ​​12,600 sq m of single office space, with an average of 285 sq m per office and direct access to extensive common areas, offers in addition to office facilities, an imaginative reception area with high security standards, state-of-the-art rooms meeting rooms, a fully equipped modern gym on the 18th floor with luxury changing rooms, sauna and steam room, as well as outdoor green communal areas. All the amenities, without a doubt, make the building one of the most attractive modern office buildings on the Cyprus market.

Strategically located in the heart of the business center of Limassol, Neocleous Tower, in addition to being an ideal headquarters that enhances corporate reputation, also offers easy access to a range of services and amenities in the city. The fantastic sea view from all corners activates productivity and creative thinking contributing to business success. The building which is a landmark for Cyprus, is also fully integrated with smart technologies and provides unique services and features such as qualified reception staff with continuous hours, high security standards, attentive acoustics and exclusive amenities for employees.

Still emphasizing balance and holistic well-being, Neocleous Tower creates a healthy and supportive environment for innovative practices. It includes cutting-edge technologies, best-in-class green building practices, extensive green project management and performance tools that enhance efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. As a result, Neocleous Tower aspires to become the first commercial building in Cyprus to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.


Neocleous Tower - Επιτυχoς και &beta ;ασει χρονοδιαγραμματος εξελΙσ&sigma ;ονται οι κατασκευαστικς εργ&alpha ;σiες

Construction of the Neocleous Tower is progressing steadily on schedule, meeting all of its projected completion estimates. So far, the foundation and slab of the building, the perimeter retaining walls, the three underground levels, as well as its parking areas have been completed. The structural construction of the ground floor, mezzanine and first floor is also underway, which includes the completion of the frame with reinforced concrete, as well as the infrastructure for the metal elements of the building, which have been installed from the three levels of basement up to the fourth floor. Masonry works are also in progress on the three levels of the basement with the mechanical and electrical infrastructures being placed in parallel.

The construction of the building is led by the construction company ZEMCO CONSTRUCTIONS LTD, which is renowned for its quality and reliability, and its impressive architectural design was overseen by the architectural firm George Stamatiou Architects LLC, which carefully developed a comprehensive design strategy, combining the architecture and landscaping with superior materials, through the latest construction innovations.

The overall progress of the building is overseen by a distinguished team of consultants consisting of the interior designers of the project, the company Side to Side, the LEED consultants of the Ambiens ESG project, the project managers P.J. Karayiannis Civil Engineers LLC, the concepts architects of the ATKINS project as well as the project engineers, A.S.D Hyperstatic Engineering Design in collaboration with the British multinational company ARUP.
Neocleous Tower is a symbol of innovation, progress and excellence, exceeding all expectations. With its iconic presence, it heralds a new era of offering value-added services and amenities to its tenants.
Secure your place, immediately, in the smart, green office building of the future.

Move skywards, grow in Limassol.

For more information about individual building features and amenities, please contact us:

+357 25 268600

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