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NetU: The company behind the big computer projects

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NetU: The company behind the big computer projects

Brief historical profile and milestones of the thirty-year upward course in Cyprus and abroad

The company was founded in 1991 by Mr. Panikos Akritas and Mr. Andrea Chatziioannou (who later left), aiming to fill the gap that existed in the Cypriot market in terms of software development. It was one of the very few companies in the 90's in Cyprus dealing with software. Mr. Panikos Akritas, one of the biggest personalities in the field of information technology in Cyprus, managed with his associates to establish NetU in a short period of time as one of the leading software development companies in Cyprus.

Important stations

In these thirty years, the most important stations that stand out and that determined the subsequent course of the company are:

Initially, the takeover in 1992 of the Social Security System. One of the first and largest government IT projects in Cyprus, which established NetU very quickly as one of the leading software development companies. The cooperation in 1995 with Infor. This cooperation was the beginning of NetU's activity in the field of business solutions and gave the impetus for projects outside Cyprus. The assignment in 2003 of the computerization project of the Cyprus Police. The first complete project undertaken by NetU, evolving it into a System Integrator. The implementation in 2013 of the Schengen System for the Greek Police. The first project in a government outside Cyprus that was the beginning of the assignment of new projects to European governments. The assignment in 2014 of the Urban Planning and Housing System, the largest project undertaken by NetU so far, which essentially established NetU as a leading System Integrator. Finally, the assignment in 2020 of the Unified Tax Management System of the Tax Department, one of the largest IT projects ever done in Cyprus.

H NetU today

NetU today, is a modern organization providing IT solutions and services in Cyprus and abroad. Now in its thirty years of success, NetU is now recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious Systems Integrators in the region. In the public sector, it is one of the main suppliers of integrated solutions for the Government of Cyprus, while in the private sector it has implemented important projects in all sectors of the economy. It has also been active abroad, serving governments, multinationals and local companies in more than 40 countries.

In this long course, the company has received significant distinctions from independent organizations, organized groups, customers and partners. Some of last year’s awards, such as the ICT Company of the Year Award for 2020 at the Cyprus BITE Awards, our recognition by CIOReview magazine as one of the 10 most promising Oracle NetSuite solution providers for 2020, and our inclusion by Oracle in the list of the 10 best partners of Oracle NetSuite in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa for 2020.

Services and Products

NetU has the necessary experience, know-how and range of recognized products to meet the needs of its business customers and to support their digital transformation strategies. The primary goal is to support the digital transformation of each organization, not only by automating existing processes but by optimizing them, while ensuring the efficiency, performance, security and business continuity of the organization, as well as the best user experience. .

NetU offers its business customers business solutions and technological solutions.

Business solutions are based on internationally renowned business applications and refer to systems such as cloud solutions Oracle NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM. Technological solutions offered by NetU cover the areas of middleware and integration (SOA, BPM), mobility, data (databases, geographic data, analytics, big data), software (software development, geographic information systems, portals, content management), infrastructure and cloud, utilizing products such as Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, ESRI, HPE and Cisco.

Finally, as one of the largest Systems I integrators in Cyprus, NetU offers complete solutions, covering all the IT needs of an organization, combining Professional Services with Business and / or Technological solutions.

The Vision

The organization's vision is centered around a digital world designed to better serve man in a sustainable way with respect for society and humanity.

At the heart of this vision are the company's timeless values. Respect for man, with responsibility for every action. Honesty and transparency with all partners, always working with a team spirit and a spirit of cooperation. Finally, the ultimate goal is excellence and nothing less. This is the difference between NetU and NetU.

Management Team Presentation

The management of the company consists of:

Menelaos Achilleos – Integrated Solutions Manager Michel Kontou – Business Solutions Manager Michalis Papadopoulos – Technology Director Nikolais Giannaki – Financial Director Stelios Matsentidis – Support Manager Christos T

NetU: The company behind the big computer projects

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