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New announcement from lawyers of monks of Avvakum Monastery – The testimony of the woman who…

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 ΝΕα ανακοΙνωσ&eta ; απo δικηγoρους μοναχoν Μονorς Αββ ακοyμ - Η καταθεση της γυναiκας πο&upsilon ?...

They accuse the Police of a strange attitude

The lawyers of the two monks of the monastery accuse the Police of a strange attitude in the Abvakum Monastery case, questioning whether the police “they acted as security guards of Metropolitan Tamasos”.

In their new announcement, the lawyers of the two monks of Abvakum Monastery also make public the testimony of Mrs. Eleni Roussou, who appears in a video receiving blows from a monk.< /p>

 ΝΕα ανακοΙνωση α πo δικηγoρους μοναχoν Μονorς Αββα&kappa ;οyμ - Η καταθεση της γυναiκας που..

This is the announcement of the lawyers:

The Cyprus Police must, as part of its mission, be guardian of legality, operating impartially and regardless of the status of the persons involved during the investigation of criminal cases.

However, we regret to note that, regarding the case of the alleged scandal of the Monastery of Abvakum, the attitude of the Police is, in the most lenient version, strange.

First of all, when the reports were made in the media about an alleged financial scandal in the Monastery from Wednesday 6/3, the Police declared for several days in all tones that they had neither a complaint nor information about the matter in their hands and that they expected relevant complaints. However, when evidence was revealed about the presence of police officers in plainclothes during the illegal operation of the people of Metropolitan Tamasos in the Monastery, then the Police admitted that there were two members of the police present during the operation.

The issues raised:

Who decided their presence there?

For what reason?

Which public interest was served?

Did they act as security guards of Metropolitan Tamasos?


Furthermore, for several days after the raid, the grounds of the Monastery were guarded by the Metropolitan's people and not by the Police. And this, despite the fact that these areas constitute a crime scene, given that criminal offenses were committed there, specifically threats, illegal detentions, kidnappings and thefts, for which an official written complaint was immediately filed with the Police. It is very possible, due to the small size of this Police, that evidence has been lost or altered.

Finally, today, according to our information, Mrs. Eleni Roussou, who appears in the video with her apparent abuse, came to testify at the Department of Vulnerable Persons Affairs. There, while she stated verbally and in writing in front of them that the video is falsified and does not correspond to reality and that she has no complaint against Monk nor does she wish to prosecute him, the police officers there put heavy and repeated pressure on her to file a complaint against him Monk as a victim of violence, against her will. The same happened with regard to the three Monks of the Monastery, who were called today to testify for the same case and were asked to testify about things they did not want.

We publish with her permission the testimony of Mrs. Eleni Roussou. It follows that the video is falsified and was leaked to slander our clients even more but also for the sake of distraction regarding the illegal actions of Metropolitan Tamasos they denounced.

< b>The testimony of Mrs. Eleni Roussou, published with her permission by the lawyers of the two monks:

 Νεα ανακονωση απo δικηγoρο&upsilon ;ς μοναχoν Μονorς Αββακοyμ - Η κατàθε ση της γυναiκας που...

Source: politis.com.cy

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