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New arrest in case of theft of ammunition from a container in Limassol

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New arrest in case of ammunition theft from container in Limassol

Another 21-year-old man was arrested by police in connection with the theft of a large number of cartridges and bullets from a container importing weapons in Limassol. Four people were arrested in the same case, against whom the case has already been registered for trial.

The 21-year-old was arrested yesterday by members of the Limassol TAE, with a court warrant, following information that emerged against him, during the investigation of the case. This morning he was brought before the Limassol District Court, which, at the request of the Police, issued a three-day detention order, for the purpose of police investigations.

He was arrested last Sunday by members of the police in the province of Famagusta, for the purpose of investigating cases of burglary of a gold shop and a car parts store, cases for which four other people had been arrested. With the completion of the examinations by the Famagusta TAE, for the two cases of burglary and theft, yesterday afternoon, the 21-year-old was released from detention and was re-arrested at the same time by members of the Limassol TAE, for the case of the theft of ammunition in Limassol.

The theft was reported to the Police on October 19, by a licensed importer of weapons and ammunition. According to the complaint, between 5 and 19 October, the perpetrators of the theft broke into a container belonging to the complainant and stole a large number of shotgun cartridges and 9 mm caliber pistol bullets.

Source: protothema.gr

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