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New Board of Directors of the Cyprus Economists Association

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New Board of Directors of the Cyprus Economists Association


The Union of Economists of Cyprus (EEC), held its annual meeting this afternoon and after a vote of its members, announced its new Board of Directors. The result of the vote is as follows:

Chairman: Aliki Stylianou

Vice President: Marios Clerides

Secretary: Charalambos Hampouris

Treasurer: Niki Papadopoulou

Members: Pavlos Ioannou, Sofronis Clerides, Dimitris Georgiadis, Grigoris Savva, Maria Iliofotou, Nikos Rodosthenous, Apostolena Theodosiou.

The former President of the EEC, Dr. Andreas Stylianou was elected Honorary President.

After the completion of the work, the new President, Mrs. Aliki Stylianou, thanked the members for the honorary position in which she was promoted, noting that the EEC has always operated and operates in a team and in an exemplary manner in the exchange of different views / suggestions.

He said that the accountability of the former President presents the work done by the Union in recent years since its founding in 2016 and expressed confidence that the EEC's participation in the main economic and social events of the country, will continue to add value to the presentation. and highlighting issues of concern, as well as submitting suggestions for the benefit of citizens.

The entire accountability of the outgoing President EEC Dr. Andrea Stylianou during the General Assembly:


Always in every accountability of the actions of a Board of Directors, reference is made to what we have achieved last year, to what we had set as goals and finally whether we have implemented them or not and why.

As you all know, last year 2021, as well as the year before last 2020, the pandemic has affected the proper functioning of the EEC very negatively, limiting to a minimum our work and actions.

However, regardless of the problems of the pandemic we had, we managed to keep our connection alive, either through the remote meetings of the Board, or through events with teleconferences which were very successful.

Giving a look back and an account from the day of the establishment of the EEC, ie from 8.6.2016 , I remind the main events that we did and their themes in chronological order.

On 12.11.2016 event with the Central Bank of Cyprus on “Cyprus in the Post-Memorial Era”. Speakers at the event were Mr. Averof Neophytou, then Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Budget, Dr. George Syrichas, former Executive Director of the Central Bank of Cyprus, Dr. Pani Karamanou, Economist, Department of Economics, Department of Economics Of Cyprus, Dr. George Demosthenous, Rector of Frederick University, Former Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Panikkos Poutziouris, Vice Rector of UCLAN University and Dr. Nikos Rodosthenous, Assistant Professor and Head of CD.

The EEC pioneered the promotion of Financial Literacy in Cyprus and on 4.11.2017 held an event in collaboration with the Central Bank of Cyprus on “Financial Illiteracy in Cyprus”. Speakers of the event were Mr. Pavlos Ioannou, Financial Commissioner, Dr. Panagiotis Andreou, professor at TEPAK and Dr. George Kyriakou – Director of the Department of Economic Analysis and Research at KTK.

On March 10, 2018 , an event with the Central Bank of Cyprus on “The Financial System of Cyprus: Challenges and Prospects”. Speakers of the event were Mr. Giagos Dimitriou, Senior Senior Manager, CBC Supervision Department, Mr. Marios Clerides, Economist and Mr. Ioannis A. Matsis, Chairman of the Board. Cyprus Banking Association.

On 14.6.2018 event with the Ministry of Finance on “Financial Management: The new situation”. Speakers at the event were Mr. Dimitris Georgiadis, Chairman of the Financial Council and Mr. George Pantelis, Financial Director, Ministry of Finance.

On March 28, 2019 , an event with the Central Bank of Cyprus on “Delays in Cyprus in the administration of justice, socio-economic impact and upcoming changes.” The speakers of the event were Marios Clerides, Economist and Mr. George Erotokritou, Director of Training and Reform of the Supreme Court.

On April 8, 2021, an online event entitled “Europe's new development planning and the challenges for Cyprus”. The speakers of the event were Mr. Akis Kyriakou, Directorate General for Structural Reforms of the European Commission, Mr. Sofronis Clerides, Professor of Economics, University of Cyprus and Dr. Marios Clerides, Economist.

On 15.12.2021 , an online event entitled “Price Increases: Inflation Principle or something else? The big debate. ” Speakers of the event were Mr. Antonis Ioannou, Deputy Director of Consumer Protection, Mr. Andreas Charalambous, Economist and Mr. Mikis Hatzimichael, Economist.

Continuing and recalling how the EEC was created, I feel obliged to thank all those who stood by me from the first moment of the idea of the recommendation and I refer in particular to our first founding members who were the following:

Andreas Stylianou – President, Irini Karamanou – Vice President, Christos Aristidou – Secretary, Apostolena Theodosiou – Treasurer, Dimitra Papantoniou – V. Secretary, Andreas Kyprianidis – V. Treasurer, Panos, Charalambos Hambouros – Me Stylianou – Member, Savia Orfanidou – Member and Louisa Themistokleous – Alternate Member.

Several members passed from the Board of Directors and today, before the voting for a new candidate, the Board of Directors has the following:

Andreas Stylianou – President, Aliki Stylianou – Vice President, Nikos Rodosthenous – Secretary, Maria Iliofotou – Treasurer and Members are Charalambos Hampouris, Apostolena Theodosiou, Dimitris Georgiadis, Grigoris Savva, Pavlos Klorofis Ioannis.

Our legal advisor from the first day of the EEC is Ms. Maria Thrasyvoulou – Hampouri and Auditor Mr. Marios Stavrou, to whom I express my grateful thanks for their non-profit offer.

I could talk for hours to thank each and every one of you individually for your huge contribution to the EEC but I would not like to waste your time, and above all to avoid the risk of expelling someone more or less and for I will not do that. I love and appreciate you all the same and I consider you as companions in our common struggles and goals that we have set to serve through the EEC.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor you have given me to lead this wonderful team for so many years and to wish the new Board to continue the most successful course of the EEC and for that I am absolutely sure.


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