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New Covid-19 Clinic at Larnaca General Hospital – 28 new beds

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New Covid-19 Clinic at Larnaca General Hospital - 28 new beds

The new Covid-19 Clinic, at the Larnaca General Hospital, is ready to operate with 28 beds, which will be used for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

The clinic will operate in the operating room located on the 5th floor of the Larnaca General Hospital, it is already staffed with the necessary medical and nursing staff who will be able to monitor the condition of some patients in need of increased monitoring, by special monitors installed

In his statements, Dr. Ioannis Dimitriadis, Pulmonologist, Director of the Pulmonary Clinic, Coordinator of the Larnaca General Hospital and Head of the Covid-19 Clinic, stated that ” with the creation of the new clinic for patients with coronavirus “.

He added that “after various operations to contract clinics, the operating room became a Covid-19 clinic with 28 beds, while the orthopedic ward is also available in case we have an increased need for beds.” “We have already secured the medical and nursing staff and the installation of the equipment is expected to be completed by tomorrow morning, so that we can accommodate patients with Covid,” he said.

Besides, Adamos Hatzipanagis, Pediatrician, Medical Director of Larnaca General Hospital said that “within a short period of time we are ready and we expect today or in the coming days to receive patients with coronavirus”.

He assured that “the ward that will host patients with coronavirus is completely isolated and all the rest of the people who come to Larnaca Hospital for any service, can feel that they are completely safe and in no way in danger.”

He added that “there is no reason for concern for the citizens who come for their appointments with any doctor at the Larnaca General Hospital”.

Regarding the staffing of medical and nursing staff of the ward, Mr. Hatzipanagi said that “there are two coordinators and two pulmonologists while there are doctors from Larnaca Hospital who will staff the specific Department. At the same time, doctors have been appointed who will integrate with the team that will staff the Covid-19 ward to offer their services to our fellow human beings in need “.

Information from KYPE states that the Accident and Emergency Department (TAEP) of Larnaca General Hospital has been divided into two departments, one is the area for suspected cases of coronavirus and the second for other cases that require hospitalization in First Aid.

Another patient who will visit the First Aid Department of Larnaca General Hospital, will be expected at the entrance by a nurse who will proceed with his evaluation. Then if the person has coronavirus symptoms, then the nurse will accompany him to another entrance where a separate First Aid Department has been set up for people who have coronavirus symptoms.

Regarding the ward where patients with coronavirus will be treated, there will be an Intensive Care Unit, for people they need closer monitoring, while cameras are also expected. In each room where 2 or 4 patients with coronavirus will be treated, a camera will be installed and will be monitored from the main screen at the Ward Nursing Station.

Specifically, in the patient monitoring system that will exist in the Nursing Station, all its vital functions and organs will be checked, ie pressure, temperature, pulses, oximetry and others.

Besides, those patients who need intubation will then be transported by ambulance and accompanied by an anesthesiologist to the General Hospital of Nicosia or to the General Hospital of Limassol, which have an Intensive Care Unit.


Source: politis.com.cy

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