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New dynamic path, with a modern business model

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The National Bank of Greece (Cyprus), having successfully completed a broad reorganization plan and despite the economic circumstances and geopolitical developments, has started a dynamic cycle of development in Cyprus. In our modern business model, digitization is an important priority for the Bank, as on the one hand it improves the quality of customer service and reduces its operating costs, and on the other hand it enables the provision of more advanced financial solutions.

We pioneer in Digital Services

At the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus), we have the advantage of being a member of the National Bank Group, which has been a pioneer in recent years in the development of digital services and networks (internet and mobile banking), having today almost 3 million digitally active users, individuals and businesses . This allows us to offer our customers the possibility of 24-hour service through the upgraded digital channels of the internet and mobile banking, following a similar model followed by our parent Bank, which has been ranked in an independent study by Deloitte in the top 10% of “digital champions”, among 300 banks worldwide.

Readiness for Major Investment Financing

At the same time, with our highly trained staff as the spearhead, we declare our readiness to finance large investments to local and international corporate clients, as well as to participate in syndicated loans and international projects, utilizing the great experience and know-how of the National Bank Group. At the heart of our interest in financing, are the energy sectors and mainly investments in renewable energy sources, tourism, construction and trade, giving special emphasis to ESG issues, in all our new lending activities. Allied to the grants we aim to grant, we also have deposit products with high fixed or variable returns that we offer to individuals and businesses, which reach up to 4% through the new “ETHNOPLUS GOLD” product.

Customer Centric Philosophy

At the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) we also follow a customer-centric philosophy, aiming at the best quality of service for our customers with a new and competitive price list for the products and services we offer, with the aim of reducing the cost of their transactions.

Finally, supporting our vulnerable customers and rewarding those who are consistent in their obligations is one of our priorities. Already in June 2023 and valid for one year, we implemented a support program for customers with housing loans, with the ultimate goal of protecting their servicing costs.



Administrative Offices:

Ave. Archiepiskou

15 Makariou III, 1065 Nicosia

Tel. 22040000


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