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New examination of N. Helliniken only for the 257 absentees-The decisions of the Minister. Education

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ΝΕα εξΕταση ΝΕ λληνικoν μoνο για τους 257 απoντες-Ο ι αποφασεις του Υπ. ΠαιδεΙας

On January 31, the 257 students who were not tested last Monday will be tested in the New Greek course, after the disturbance caused by the leaking of the subjects by a private school teacher, with the Ministry of Education stressing that they will participate in this specific test and the 66 who were excused absent. At the same time, the Ministry will also start an audit of the three schools where the absences were recorded, in order to establish the circumstances that resulted in the students' absence. 

As stated in a relevant announcement by the Ministry of Education, following the unfortunate incident and the malicious act of public dissemination of information about the examination essay of the New Greeks of the 3rd Lyceum/TESEK, the written evaluation was carried out normally using the backup examination essay that was already available , after relevant instructions were given to all schools. Specifically, the schools were notified by text message at 10:42 am. that the examination which had started at 10:30am had to be stopped. The exam took place as usual at 11:30 am. and 6,781 students in 63 schools participated in it.

However, because a number of 257 students instead of participating in the examination left in the interim, taking into account the special conditions created due to the malicious act, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth decides by concession to have the same treatment as the excused absentees and to have the opportunity to take part in an examination during the planned second series, on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, together with the 66 students who were excused.

At the same time, noting that the absences are actually recorded in only three between of a total of 63 schools, the Ministry will proceed with an investigation in order to establish the circumstances under which the students withdrew instead of participating in the written examination.

The President was also informed< /p>

It is recalled that in the morning, the President of the Republic had a meeting with the Minister of Education, as well as his Advisor for Education, Giorgos Scalias, during which he was informed about the developments surrounding the leaking of the issues, as well as the actions of the Ministry.&nbsp ;

In particular, the minister put before Nikos Anastasiadis the reasoning surrounding the decisions to withdraw the written and continue the exam with the backup written, which had been prepared based on the regulations, but also for the decision not to postpone the exams completely and to reschedule them at a later stage. Mr. Prodromou had made it clear to the President of the Republic that he was not considering the possibility of canceling the previous exams and giving all students a second chance. 

This, moreover, was also the proposal he had put forward at the table Mr. Scalias, which was also in relation to the position of the organized parents and students. This proposal, however, was groundless, since it would create more problems for the Ministry of Education. 

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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