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New fire of Efstathiou against the Attorney General: “His demand is the silence of the lambs”

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Νεα πυρα ΕυσταθΙου κ&alpha ;τΑ ΓενικοΙ ΕισαγγελΕα: «ΑπαΙτησ or του η σιγor των αμνoν»  

The experienced lawyer Efstathios Efstathiou answers to the Attorney General Giorgos Savvidis.

A short while ago he issued a statement, repositioning himself on the occasion of the written statement of the first rank official of the Legal Service which was shared today at noon.

Mr. Efstathiou, with his latest statement, emphasizes that Mr. Savvidis considers that “his actions and omissions and in general his behavior are uncontrollable and reckless”, while also referring to the essence of the case and the criticism he leveled at Attorney General.

The experienced jurist is in essence again criticizing the Attorney General for his decision to suspend private criminal proceedings, without any question of public interest. Mr. Efstathiou characteristically notes: “What was the public interest served by suspending his criminal prosecution? Instead of answering the questions put to him in the letter dated 26.1.2024 on pages 5-7, he attacks the complainant's lawyer who is doing his duty not only to my client, but also as a servant of the law.

The full text of Mr. Efstathiou's written statement: “Mr. Georgios Savvidis believes that he can personify the institution of the Attorney General. Enshrined in the Constitution, he considers his decisions, his actions and omissions and his behavior in general to be uncontrollable and unruly. If someone does not dare to judge them, he should definitely be punished as the primitive man was punished when he touched the totem, i.e. the sacred and the sacred, as was the leader of the tribe. Whoever touched it was punished with death.

The demand of the Attorney General is silence. The silence of the lambs, as he thinks this is Cypriot society. He is mistaken, as the average Cypriot is both a proud and free person.

The Attorney General was called to answer why on 16.1.2024 he suspended the criminal prosecution of the oligarch…(note the name of a Russian billionaire), a member of the inner core of the Russian political and economic establishment, a personal friend of President Putin. Because in this way he prevented the courts of our country from trying him for the very serious charges attributed to him and what was the public interest served by the suspension of his criminal prosecution. Instead of answering the questions put to him in the letter dated 26.1.2024 on pages 5-7, he attacks the complainant's lawyer who is doing his duty not only towards my client but also as a servant of the law. Among the questions that had been raised was why he did not examine the truth about the statement that the accused Pericharis made that with the three million he spent in Cyprus he “settled his case”.

He did not even care to examine this very serious complaint.He absolutely had to answer the questions that were put to him because they harm the credibility and prestige of the Democratic state.

This unfortunately happens when the Attorney General leaves unarmed an oligarch against whom sanctions have been imposed by other countries and his name is included in the POUTIN LIST without giving any explanation. The full name of the Putin List is “The full 'Putin list' of Russian oligarchs and political figures released by the US Treasury”, which list includes 96 oligarchs in the close circle of Russian President Putin, among whom is … (name of a Russian businessman ) at number 17, a fact which has mobilized the international actor, political and journalistic circles abroad.

Obviously Mr. Savvidis does not care if his actions carry the risk of sanctions being imposed on our country as in total, as sanctions have already been imposed on law firms in Cyprus, which simply monitored or managed the accounts of the oligarchs”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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