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New flights to France and the United Kingdom

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New flights to France and the United Kingdom

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Wizz Air launches a second route to Paris airport from March 31, 2022. The flights, according to information in the column, will take place until May 26, 2022 once a week and specifically every Thursday, while from May 30 to October 28, 2022 there will be three flights per week and specifically every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Orly Airport is an international airport in Paris, 13 miles south of the city center. Before the creation of “Charles de Gaulle” in March 1974, Orly was the main airport in Paris. Even with the transfer of most international air traffic to Charles de Gaulle, Orly remains the busiest airport for domestic flights and the second busiest in total passenger traffic, with around 35 million passengers a year. It has four terminals. The airport is operated by the company “Groupe ADP”, under the brand name Paris Aéroport. In addition to Orly, Wizz Air will add another destination for flights from Larnaca Airport, as from April 11, 2022 it will operate daily flights to Gatwick Airport in London. Finally, from March 30, 2022 and every Wednesday and Sunday, Ryan Air will operate flights from Paphos Airport to Newcastle.

The new coffee chain

The Bean Bar, the new coffee chain of the ATHEX Group. Papaellinas Emporiki LTD, continues its dynamic development, announcing the opening of another store within the Alfamega Supermarket, in Kapsalos, Limassol. The Bean Bar in Kapsalos is the fourth store of the newly established chain, which has been operating since last September. So far, Bean Bar stores are operating inside the Alfamega supermarkets in Polemidia and Acropolis, as well as inside the Metropolis Mall in Larnaca, while stores are expected to open soon on the ground floor of 360 on Makarios Avenue in Nicosia and in the old port of Limassol. Based on the company's plans, the expansion of the brand throughout Cyprus will continue at a rapid pace in the near future, both inside and outside Alfamega stores.

Allowance for Young Engineers

After the approval of the Minister of Labor, the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), as the Beneficiary of the Internship Project for Young Engineers (Project for Providing Opportunities to Young Graduates of Architecture and Civil Engineering, up to 29 years (NEETs) on ETEK internship law, announces the extension of the project beyond December 31, 2021 and until the exhaustion of its approved budget.The project can include new graduates of Architecture and Civil Engineering, who at the date of application for inclusion in the project will meet (cumulatively) specific conditions, such as not having reached the age of 30. The trainee architects and civil engineers who will join the project will be paid for their training period, a monthly training allowance of six hundred and fifty euros (€ 650), by ETEK The project is co-financed by The Youth Employment Initiative and the European Social Fund (ESF).

New hotel € 40 million in Pegeia

Green light from the environmental authority, received a new five-storey hotel unit. The hotel is to be built in Paphos and specifically in the Municipality of Pegeia, under the name “Hesperus Hotel” and the owner company will be Carducci Estates Co Ltd, which has submitted to the competent authority an environmental impact study. For its part, the Department of Environment does not object to the construction of the project, under specific terms and conditions. According to the study submitted, the estimated cost of the project amounts to € 40 million. The five-storey development will include a total of 324 rooms and 648 beds and its total area will amount to 29,720 sq.m. More specifically, the hotel unit is developed in total on four levels, a ground floor and a basement. In addition, it will include two swimming pools and fencing, biological tanks and a biological wastewater treatment plant.

Collective Agreements in Cyta

On January 10, 2022, the management of its subsidiary Cytacom Solutions signed for the first time a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the trade unions EPOET (OHO SEK), ASET-CYTA and PASE CYTA, satisfying their long-standing request and confirming their cooperation. between the parties. The signing of Collective Bargaining Agreements for its other subsidiaries will proceed soon. The representatives of the trade unions characterized the event as extremely important and thanked the management of Cyta and Cytacom for their constructive attitude. With this action, however, Cyta proved in practice that its greatest asset is its human resources.

Deal € 2 million for a building in Larnaca

Astrobank has reached an agreement with a Greek investor for the sale of a high-rise building in Larnaca, for an amount approaching € 2 million. This is a property known as the Anastasia Hatzigianni Mansion, which is located on United Nations Street in Larnaca. It consists of a ground floor (shop) and five floors (offices). It has been built in different periods from 1998 – 2002. It has an elevator and 22 parking spaces. The building is located on a plot of 1,079 sq.m.

How many properties have been sold in Larnaca in the last five years

Almost € 3 billion was the value of the transactions carried out in the province of Larnaca in the last five years, with more than 30% being implemented in the Municipality of Larnaca, where the value of the transactions amounted to € 1.1 billion. According to data from the last five years compiled by WiRE, a company providing specialized consulting services in the real estate sector, the value of sales and purchases carried out in the three largest municipalities of the province, Larnaca, Aradippou, Livadia, exceeded € 1.6 billion and transactions 9,600. It is recalled that in Cyprus the total value of sales in the last five years approached € 25 billion and the transactions exceeded 100,000 in total.

More specifically, in the Municipality of Larnaca the value of the transactions exceeded € 1.1 billion and the number of transactions was 6,000. The average price of the transactions amounted to € 105,740, with a typical price range between € 69,000 and € 170,000. Most sales in the Municipality were recorded in 2019 when they reached 1,378 while the vast majority of transactions, about 5,000, were for properties worth up to € 225,000. The highest transaction in the Municipality in the last five years was worth € 13.2 million. Regarding the Municipality of Aradippou, the value of the transactions exceeded € 300 million and the number of transactions was 2,400. The average price of the transactions was € 103,108 since the standard price range was between € 54,811 and € 173,573. Most sales to the Municipality were recorded in 2019 when they reached 521 while most transactions, approximately 1,700, were worth up to € 224,000. The highest purchase and sale in the last five years was worth € 4.4 million. In the Municipality of Livadia, the value of transactions approached € 200 million and the number of transactions was 1,200. The average price of the transactions was € 110,000 since the standard price range was between € 71,122 and € 222,667. Most sales to the Municipality were recorded in 2021 when they amounted to 221. The vast majority of transactions were worth between € 59,000 and € 169,000. The highest buying and selling in the last five years was worth € 2 million.

Source: www.philenews.com

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