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New leadership in DISY – Deputy President Efthymios Diplaros

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ΝΕα ηγεσΙα στο&nu ; ΔΗΣΥ – Αναπληρωτorς Πρoεδρος ο Ε&upsilon ;θyμιος Δλπλαρος

The new leadership of the Democratic Alarm emerged on Saturday night, which will support President Annita Dimitriou.

Deputy President of the party is Efthymios Diplaros.

Vice presidents of the party are Marios Pelekanos, Savia Orfanidou and Giorgos Karoullas.

The final count

Deputy Presidents

  1. Euthymios Diplaros 8,011 47.7%
  2. Michalis Sophokleous 6,336 37%
  3. Sotiris Samson 2,443 24.6%


Vice Presidents

  1. Pelekanos Marios 9,455
  2. Orfanidou Savia 7,884
  3. Karoullas Giorgos 7,327
  4. < li> Tsiridou Fotini 7,277

  5. Konstantinou Xenia 6,380
  6. Jordanous Onisiforos 2,659
  7. Michail Michalis 1,376



Annita Dimitriou's message 

Today is a celebration for DISY, an impeccable election process was carried out, declared on Saturday night the President of DISY, Annita Dimitriou, thanking from the bottom of her heart the thousands of people who voted in the internal party elections and the volunteers and the commercial secretaries who worked with zeal. He noted that "with responsibility, optimism and determination we are moving forward, turning the page, for a united, strong DISY".


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Congratulations to Sophocles in Diplaros 

The candidate for the position of Deputy President of the party, Michalis Sofokleous, in a post on social media said that he contacted Mr. Diplaros and congratulated him on his election to the position of Deputy President.

&quot “I hope that the Democratic Alarm will fulfill its mission worthily under its new leadership,” added Mr. Sophokleous.


Diplaros: I dedicate this great victory to you my beloved father who is no longer with us

Efthymios Diplaros, in his first post after being elected to the position of Deputy President, wrote "The process of restructuring the party begins. S' no one is spared this effort. There are no winners and losers, all together we continue strong so that the Democratic Alarm will be the protagonist again. I dedicate this great victory to you, my dear father who is no longer with us.. A huge and big thank you for your support».


They voted  17,126 members

According to an announcement by the party's press representative, Onoufrios Koullas, the process was completed normally. A total of 17,126 members voted.
Mr. Kulla said that the counting process has already started in the local polling centers and the first results are already arriving at the headquarters.

«We want to thank everyone who worked to have this perfect election. procedure. “All this mobilization of thousands of executives and members throughout Cyprus, in the last period of time, fills us with optimism that DISY is and will remain the leading force of the country”, said the representative of DISY.

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The selection of the 25 members of the Politburo is held by a single election in which each member is entitled to vote for 13 to 25 candidates. A ballot with less than 13 or more than 25 votes is considered invalid. The 25 positions of the Politburo are contested by 66 candidates.

It is noted that only one nomination was submitted for the position of President of GODISY, that of the current President, Urania Schiza.


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