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New meeting of OKYPY-nurses on June 6-The focus is on staff savings

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A new meeting has been scheduled for next week, June 6, by the OKYpY and the nurses' unions in the public hospitals during which they will work out alternative ways, mainly through staff savings, to be able to meet, partially, the needs that exist in nurses, as the President of the Nursing Branch of PASYDY Prodromos Argyridis and the General Secretary of the Pancypriot Union of Nurses (PASYNO) Savvas Iakovos stated at the KYPE.

In statements after today's meeting, of the two sides, lasting three hours, which took place at the headquarters of OKYPY and which was also attended by the General Secretary of PASYDY Stratis Matthaiou, the President of the Nursing Branch of PASYDY Prodromos Argyridis said that during the meeting “it took place a re-evaluation of the letters sent by OKYPY and it was agreed that the letters be put before the organization's Board of Directors for approval, which will meet next Thursday, May 30.

“With the approval of the letters, the decisions will begin to be implemented”, he said, adding, however, that “there is little chance of a substantial result”, in relation to the needs that exist for nurses, “at the moment”.

He also said that a new meeting between the two sides has been set next week, on June 6, during which “we will work out alternative ways to be able to partially cover the needs that exist in nurses”.

Mr. Argyridis stated that the scenarios for next week's meeting are “to examine how the clinics are working and to see how staff savings can be made from one department to another or how it can be the management of beds”.

In addition, the President of the PASYDY Nursing Branch said that “the procedures are such that it will be very difficult to have staff available before the Summer”.

Regarding new recruitments , Mr. Argyridis said that those available for appointment who are on the list amount to only 15 people and added that based on statistics, the percentage of candidates who accept appointment is around 30 to 40% and this “is a drop in the ocean”.

“The essential alleviation of the problem is to examine how the clinics and beds work and if we can save staff from there,” he underlined.

Besides, in statements to KYPE, the General Secretary of PASYNO Savvas Iakovou said that during the meeting he wondered whether “all the things that were given to us in writing, (through the letters of OKYpY) will be implemented” and which concern “the announcement of the new nursing positions and carers, the new appointments which could range from zero to 15 staff and the staff savings the organization will make.”

He said the savings could come from from the transfer, by OKYpY itself, of nurses from non-clinical areas to clinical areas and “some other actions that must be taken in some departments in order to save staff”.

Mr. Iakovou said that the new meeting will focus on the issue of staff savings to be transferred to where there are real needs, while he noted that in order to complete an announcement of new positions or nursing officers and “to draw up the final list, it takes time at least two to three months”.

These are the issues that “we asked OKYpY to promote and it did not proceed with their implementation”, he said and added that the nurses are asking to the organization does some things “this time and let's not go back and look if some things were done or who should have done them”.  

Source: reporter.com.cy

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