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New order streamlines renewables zoning, protecting sensitive areas

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New order streamlines renewables zoning, protecting sensitive areas

Renewable Energies

    The Interior Ministry issued Order 1 of 2024, establishing a new Licensing Framework for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects.

    The order supersedes Order 2/2006 and aims to expedite approvals while ensuring environmental protection.

    It follows the Environmental Authority’s Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) on RES zoning, prepared by the Ministry of Energy.

    Key provisions:

    • Defines exclusion zones for RES installations, including Natura 2000 network sites, wetlands, state forests, and bird migration corridors.
    • Large solar systems are prohibited in these areas.
    • Wind farm development is restricted near existing development boundaries and dwellings.

    Case-by-case assessments:

    • Applications for large-scale solar projects exceeding General Development Decree limits will undergo individual evaluation.
    • This applies to areas near specific development zones, wetlands, bird migration corridors, and sensitive habitats.
    • Projects near nesting grounds of protected birds like the Bonelli’s eagle and griffon vulture will be subject to a case-by-case review.
    • Similar assessments will be required for areas with Red Book species, protected flora, and subsidized crops.

    The new order is expected to provide clarity for developers and authorities, streamlining the approval process for RES projects while safeguarding environmental concerns.

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