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New packaging for PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams

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The turnover of ice cream for 2023 in Cyprus will reach 28 million euros

The new family packs PAPAFiLiPOU 1.5L

Another page in their history is written by PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams, with a new image and even more ice cream, in original and popular combinations flavors. PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams are going through the third year of their “rebranding” this year, both in the design part and in the quantity of their ice cream.

The company, having as priority the customer and the high quality of the products it offers over time, renewed the image of three family packages, while also increasing the quantity of ice cream, in new 1.5 liter packages for even more enjoyment. In particular, the popular, favorite combinations of Madagascar Vanilla – Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla – Strawberry and Chios Mastic – Field Rose ice creams are presented in new, modern design, reusable and recyclable 1.5 liter packaging, resoundingly declaring the new era for PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams.

The company maintains from the beginning of its history until today the traditional way of production, using exclusively fresh products, such as fresh Cypriot milk, fresh cream, fresh ripe fruits and the best natural ingredients from all over the world. An important point of reference is the fact that all the company's ice creams are characterized as healthy, as no gluten or gelatin is used, classifying them as suitable for vegetarians. All this is reflected in the “clean label” owned by PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams.

The ice cream market in Cyprus

Speaking with the Group Marketing Manager of P&P Ice Cream Group, Mr. Evros Papadopoulos, regarding the ice cream market in Cyprus in general, he told us that there seems to be a significant increase in the retail market, e.g. in supermarkets, mini markets, kiosks, bakeries, etc. More specifically, according to data from RAI Consultants Ltd (a market research organization) studying data obtained from sales recorded in the retail market, in 2023 the ice cream market reached approximately 28 million euros, 17% more than the previous year, in 2022 , which scored around 24 million euros.

As Mr. Papadopoulos mentioned, in recent years there has been a general upward trend in the ice cream retail market. The largest market for 2023 in Cyprus was family ice creams with a percentage of 36%, a fact which prompted PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams to put even more emphasis on their family ice creams, thus satisfying the consumers' choice for them. With the new PAPAFiLiPOU 1.5L family packs, consumers can enjoy more ice cream in their favorite flavor combinations.

The history of PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams

The history of the company began in the early 70s, when Panagiotis Christoforou and Panagiotis Papafilippou had the desire to offer the best, natural ice cream. Having as a concern since the company's inception the high quality of the products, using pure, fresh ingredients, PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams managed to stand out and win over ice cream lovers – and not only – by offering up to this day 100% authentic and tasty ice cream. Today, PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams are present both locally and internationally, offering a unique and at the same time healthy treat to everyone.

ΝΕες συσκευασΙε σ ι α Πγτà PAPAFiLiPOU

Panagiotis Papafilipou.

p>The company's perennial vision is to maintain and further strengthen its leadership position in the local market as well as its presence abroad, always maintaining respect for consumers, its people and the quality of the products it uses. The company has been a pioneer in the ice cream industry since its foundation, always responding to the needs and demands of consumers, taking into account different eating habits. A typical example of this is the sugar-free ice creams that the company makes, using organic Paraguayan stevia, as well as the lactose-free ice creams. Today's nutritional requirements, for healthier habits, but also for people who present e.g. lactose intolerance, PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Creams have the solution, meeting the demands of consumers with their rich range of products. It is worth noting that the company's ice creams also include three new ice creams suitable for those who follow the so-called “keto diet”, a diet with a high fat content, sufficient protein and low carbohydrate content. You can find these ice creams both in family and individual packaging.

The fact that the demand for ice creams abroad concerns the “specialized” ice creams, those mentioned above, is of particular interest. those without sugar. The trend for this type of ice cream shows an increasing trend, both abroad and at home, with consumers showing more and more preference for them.

The distinctions and awards prove the excellent quality that the company offers in consumer audience, which emphasizes every detail of ice cream production, in order to reach the consumer a healthy ice cream, rich in taste and quality.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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