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New PAPAFiLiPOU Cheesecake… just the way you like it!

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Made from fresh Cypriot milk, fresh mascarpone cheese, fresh Cypriot lemon juice and five forest fruits

Νèο Παγωτо PAPAFiLiPOU Cheesecake... оπως σου α ρεσει!

Life needs color and moments give color to our life, especially when they are sweet like a sweet cheesecake. A timeless and beloved taste, which awakens tasty, homely memories, painting smiles on the lips!

That's what the PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Cream R&D Team had in mind and so… “as they like it”, they decided to challenge our senses by introducing the new Family Pack Cheesecake Ice Cream with Forest Fruits and Fresh Mascarpone Cheese!

Although the flavor was created and introduced for the first time last year in the PAPAFiLiPOU ice cream parlors, this summer it is also presented in a family pack of 850ml, with a renewed and modern design, to be enjoyed at home as well!

It is made from fresh Cypriot milk, fresh mascarpone cheese, fresh Cypriot lemon juice, five forest fruits (strawberries, blackberries, red and blue berries, red and black currants), flooding the palate with flavors!

The secret of the recipe lies in the authentic taste of the Cypriot, homemade Cheesecake, as we like to enjoy it all these years, the harmony and quality of the preparation materials, always with the PAPAFiLiPOU seal of quality.

Look for the new family ice cream PAPAFiLiPOU Forest Fruit Mascarpone Cheesecake in the big supermarkets, in the neighborhood grocers, at PAPAFiLiPOU kiosks and ice cream parlors in a new and modern, design, package and enjoy, of course, another exciting, tasty Summer… the way you like it!

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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