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New Philadelphia: “All his life was AEK but I told him, 'be careful, Michali, my boy'”, says his uncle

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“His love and worship was AEK”, emphasizes Stavros Psimoulakis.

The uncle of the 29-year-old AEK fan Michalis Katsouri, who was murdered on the night of Monday outside the AEK stadium in New Philadelphia. “I told him, 'Michali, be careful, my boy,'” said an emotional Stavros Psimoulakis speaking on Open TV.

“He didn't want his friends to bother him, he didn't bad mouth anyone. He was fighting for his living wage, the whole society knows that. His love and his worship was AEK. And the people of AEK and the stadium of AEK. I called him Michael, but be careful, my boy. They broke through the border, crossed half of Greece and arrived at New Philadelphia. Won't there be any damage?”, emphasized the uncle of the 29-year-old deceased.

“Some people knew and didn't do their job properly. In football terms, where should the prime minister send them? In the local. We will mourn other children too. This evil must stop. He doesn't know what the prime minister should do. Should Thatcher be done? This evil must stop”, concluded Mr. Psimoulakis.

In Elefsina, the funeral of the deceased Michalis – The family's wish

On Friday, August 11 at 5:00 p.m., the funeral of the late Michalis Katsouris, who was murdered in New Philadelphia by Dinamo Zagreb fans, will be held.

PAE AEK announced yesterday the day and time of the funeral service, while the municipality of Elefsina announced that no sporting or cultural event will take place in the city until the funeral of Michalis Katsouris.

As stated in the relevant announcement of the Municipality of Elefsina: “As a sign of mourning for the unjust loss of our 28-year-old fellow citizen Michalis Katsouri and until the funeral procession, no sporting or cultural event will take place within the boundaries of our Municipality. We express our deepest sorrow and condolences to his family and stand by their side during this tragic time. Have a good trip, Michalis…”

The wish of Michalis' family

In their message, Michalis' family states: “Our Michalis was a sensitive, kind-hearted child who helped with self-sacrifice in the fires, helped the homeless and had great faith in God. Why’ this is his family, we decided that instead of wreaths, donations should be made for small children, in favor of the Association “ELPIDA – FRIENDS OF CHILDREN WITH CANCER ASSOCIATION” in memory of our deceased”.

The organization's announcement: “Donations in lieu of wreaths in favor of the association “ELPIDA-Association of Friends of Children with Cancer” in memory of the deceased Michalis Katsouris, his family requests.

Account numbers of the association “ELPIDA”:

Alpha Bank: IBAN: GR26 0140 1520 1520 0200 2000 515

National Bank of Greece: IBAN: GR20 0110 0800 0000 0804 8089 836

The full name must be stated in the deposit of the donor and the phrase “MICHALIS”.

After making the donation, donors are requested to contact the Association's offices either by phone at (210-7700009) (ext: 1), or by e-mail at [email protected], in order to disclose their information in order to relevant donation receipt is sent.

“Brother I'm hit” – The shocking testimony of the last moments of the 29-year-old

The dramatic last moments of the 29-year-old were described by an eyewitness who was next to him after the fatal for the unfortunate new blow to the brachial artery.

“All I heard was a voice saying, 'Brother, I've been hit.' and to go back to see who he is and what he is… And let it be that child” the eyewitness initially told ANT1

“There was crazy bleeding non-stop and all the way we were going there girl even the chair you were sitting in the booth the only thing that made us shake he wanted to get off the chair and sit down lie down we didn't let him and there was a girl there who was a nurse the little girl was trying to do everything she can” continued the description of the last moments of martyrdom for Michalis Katsouris, who traveled a distance of 100 meters from the place where he was stabbed until he hid in a booth in front of the church of Agia Triada.

This particular eyewitness was the one, as he claims, who left on his motorcycle to look for an ambulance: “There were no ambulances anywhere, we were calling… From what we learned the police had blocked the ambulances and the Fire Department for 20 minutes and would not let them pass on purpose until the riots stopped we learned such things. I left alone to fetch the private ambulance from the Decelia intersection which I found by mistake. The man had studied. I begged him that people are dying and we are losing our man and so the private ambulance came.” “Sorry bro I didn't make it. This is what I want to say, nothing else” said the eyewitness with a trembling voice.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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