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New projects and maintenance of buildings amounting to € 14 million.

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New projects and maintenance of buildings amounting to € 14 million.

Eleftheria Paizanou

The Department of Public Works has contractual obligations of € 14 million. These are contracts related to the implementation and maintenance of projects in 2022. According to the budget of the Ministry of Transport, these are eight projects that will have added value to the economy. The largest amount and specifically the amount of € 11 million will be spent for the construction of the new Archaeological Museum in Nicosia. The project is expected to begin in 2022.

The buildings of the Health Services that are still on the site of the old hospital will have to be evacuated first. The construction duration of the project is estimated at around 3.5 years. The construction cost of the project is estimated at € 86 million. cafeteria, educational room, museum shop / art shop, underground parking lots and part of the outdoor landscaping. In addition, the contract will include the works for the restoration / maintenance of a listed building that will not be demolished (€ 250 thousand) and the demolition of existing buildings (€ 500 thousand). At the same time, the state, according to the contract, will have to pay an amount of € 800 thousand to the architect who proceeded with the preparation of detailed studies, construction plans and documents for the announcement of a tender for construction and supervision of the project. The architect's fee amounts to 9.5% of the construction cost.

The studies were originally due to be delivered in October last year, but due to the pandemic they were finally submitted in April. Following comments from the Competent Authorities, the final draft plans and tender documents are expected to be submitted in accordance with the comments. The architect has submitted additional requirements for extension of time which will be evaluated. By the end of 2020, an amount of € 3.7 million was spent, including VAT and the costs of the Architectural Competition. In addition, an amount of 1 million will be spent for the maintenance of the building of the Head Offices of the Department of Urban Planning. It should be noted that funds of € 650 thousand also refer to contractual obligations of the state for four other projects. This is the maintenance of the building that is paid every year until 2022 for the building facilities that hosted the Cypriot presidency.

The works started in February 2010 and were completed in February 2012. By December 31, 2020, an amount of € 22.4 million was spent for this contract, as well as for additional works at AXIK, equipment, landscaping works on the surrounding roads, restoration spaces used and maintenance doses. At the same time, the fund will cover the maintenance of the building of the Audit Office. It also concerns the settlement of requirements for the new District Government Offices, in the area of the old Paphos Hospital. The matter is under arbitration and the costs are covered by the provision of the project. Finally, it concerns the covering of the expenses for the demolition of the Vereggaria Settlement in Kato Polemidia.

Source: www.philenews.com

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