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New suspension of a house auction after an appeal by Pavlos Ioannou

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New suspension of a house auction after an appeal by Pavlos Ioannou

The Financial Commissioner Pavlos Ioannou, in a note informs that his Office, in close cooperation with the managers of KEDIPES Ltd and ALTAMIRA Ltd, on Friday 05/02/2021 arranged a suspension of sale, for a period of 6 months, main residence of interest borrower.

According to the Commissioner, the suspension of the reported sale was reportedly due to obvious and very serious humanitarian, but also family reasons of the borrowers.

On this occasion, Mr. Ioannou clarifies that the Commissioner has no authority to intervene for the cancellation and / or suspension of a sale, unless he has a complaint before him, which is related to Article 44C of his Law on the Transfer and Mortgage of Real Estate of 1965. (9/1965), as amended or replaced.

In this case, he says, his appeal to the two entities to suspend the intended sale was based on the fact that the borrower concerned did not belong to the category of strategic defaulters, but on the contrary, seems to have consistently paid the installment of its loan, up to the date her dismissal from work.

She also notified the Office of the Commissioner, a certificate, which proves that she took legal action against her former employer for non-fulfillment of her employment conditions, with a set trial date of March 21, 2021. As she states, she claims compensation, amounting to € 300,000.

It is also reported that very serious health reasons make her unable to work, while special family problems further aggravate the problematic situation.

The Commissioner again calls on borrowing consumers to act in a timely manner, taking advantage of the existing legal system and institutions to effectively protect their interests.

Source: www.philenews.com

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