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New traffic regulations for projects in Makariou (map)

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New traffic regulations for projects in Makariou (map)

The second phase of the renovation of Makarios Avenue begins on Monday, February 15, according to an announcement by the Municipality of Nicosia.

Specifically, the Municipality of Nicosia informs that, in the context of the construction works of the project of the renovation of the Commercial Triangle Makarios – Stasikratous – Evagorou – Phase B ', from Monday, February 15, 2021 at 10.00 p.m. Makariou Avenue and part of Stasandrou Street will remain closed to traffic.

The construction works in the second section (B.2) will focus on the section of Makarios C 'Avenue from its photo-controlled contribution with Evagorou Avenue to its photo-controlled contribution with Aphrodite / Stasandrou, and in a section of Stasandrou Street, where the movement of vehicles will not be allowed. The duration of section B.2 will be approximately 10 months.

The renovation works concern the undergrounding of Public Utility Services (SYL, SAL, Telecommunications, EAC), new rainwater drainage system, provisions for the installation of a smart city, construction of a new asphalt road and new sidewalks, abolishing the existing elevations according to the existing heights. of shared design (shared space), new street lighting, new urban furniture and tree planting.

Pedestrian access to all premises will continue unhindered.

The benefits of the Project:

This project was set high in the priorities of the development Strategy of the Municipality of Nicosia, as it seeks to make the urban shopping center of the capital competitive, attractive and friendly to humans and the environment.

High criteria of sustainable urban planning were adopted for the project with the aim of:

Upgrading the functionality and aesthetics of the urban environment with new coating, urban furniture and lighting.

Facilitate the accessibility of all, pedestrians and the disabled and increase traffic by creating single and large sidewalks and eliminating all uneven points between private, public sidewalks and the road.

The creation of small squares with the possibility of outdoor activities and integration of water elements.

Enhancing shading by planting a large number of mature trees and applying the principles of bioclimatic design, increasing the hours that pedestrians can move around comfortably.

The installation of a holistic system “smart city”, owned by the Municipality of Nicosia.

The undergrounding and improvement of all utilities.

Aesthetically and functionally, a single space will be created, an external “shopping center”.

The Project implements the provisions / actions of the Integrated Mobility Plan of Nicosia and the Area Plan of the Center of Nicosia to promote sustainable transport, enhance sustainable mobility in the urban area of Nicosia as well as reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

In Makariou Avenue and Anastasiou G. Leventi Street (former Leonidou), two bus lanes are created for traffic in both directions.

The traffic policies that are implemented oblige the wheeled vehicles to move at low speeds and to give priority to the comfortable and unhindered movement of pedestrians and bicycles.

In the Makarios – A. Leventis axis, within the framework of the project, provision will be made for the installation and operation of trams, if this is decided, by removing all existing underground facilities from the tram distribution corridor and relocating them to another area. .

Traffic regulations:

New traffic regulations for projects in Makariou (map)

During the construction works of section B.2, for the convenience of the public, drivers, residents and shopkeepers, the following traffic regulations will apply:

Agias Eleni and Bouboulinas streets until their junction with Stasandrou street are transformed into one-way streets with directions as presented in the relevant Plan. At the same time, the existing parking spaces on the above streets are maintained and in addition, new parking spaces are formed along Agias Eleni Street.

Aphrodite and Arnaldas streets are turning into two-way dead ends. At the same time, the existing parking spaces on Arnaldas Street are maintained, while the existing parking spaces on Aphrodite Street are canceled. It is noted that, in order to maintain the existing parking spaces on Arnaldas Street, construction works will be carried out to reduce the existing sidewalk to widen the existing road.

For the internal passage of vehicles for the service needs of the shops and the residents of the area, part of ave. Archbishop Makarios III will be granted for the movement of vehicles, with a one-way direction from Agias Eleni Street to Bouboulinas Street and then the vehicles will move through Bouboulinas Street in the direction of Stasandrou Street. At the same time, construction works will be carried out on the sidewalks along the above part of the ave. Archbishop Makarios III and its contributions to the above streets.

Grigoriou Xenopoulou and Iras streets will be closed due to works.

The section of Annie Komninis Street from Ave. Until Archbishop Makarios III until its contribution with Filippiados Street, traffic will be allowed only for the needs of the residents and for access to private parking spaces, as is already the case. While, the rest of the street of Annie Komninis between its junctions with Stassandrou Street and Filippiados Street will remain a one-way street and at the same time the one-way street of Filippiados Street towards Kritis Street will be maintained, in order to achieve unobstructed left-turn traffic. .

In the section of Evagoros Avenue between the junctions of Homer – Stasinos – Evagoros and Archbishop Makarios III – Anastasios G. Leventis – Evagoros avenues, the lane with a left turn towards the avenue. Archbishop Makarios III is abolished.

In Anastasiou G. Leventi street, the lane with a straight path to the ave. Archbishop Makarios III, is abolished.

Drivers are urged to be careful and follow traffic signals.

Access to parking:

Private parking in the area will be accessible to the public through temporary traffic arrangements where possible.

To users – legal beneficiaries of private parking spaces located in plots where vehicle access will not be allowed, temporary parking will be arranged in municipal or other parking spaces.

For your information, a map with the traffic arrangements during the works is attached.

The Project is co-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund, the State Budget and the Municipality of Nicosia in the framework of the Programming Period 2014-2020, Operational Program: Competitiveness and Sustainable Development 2014-2020, – Specific Objective: Improving mobility mainly

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