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New Wave – The Other Cyprus/Presidential ’23: May the decision for Christofidis candidacy

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The 77-member Council of the socio-political movement “New Wave/Volt Cyprus – The Other Cyprus” met last Wednesday (16/2/2022) afternoon and decided to suggest to the congress the autonomous descent of the movement in the 2023 presidential elections. There was a lively discussion about the elections and the pillars of the election campaign, and the prevailing view is that the “New Wave” should not water its wine with collaborations/positions of other parties and & # 8230; clippings. In addition, the position of the present members of the 77-member Council (approximately 44 members) was that the candidate for the presidency of '23 should be the leader of the movement, professor of physics and former rector of the University of Cyprus, Dr. Konstantinos Christofidis. All of this, along with the election manifesto/program, will be finalized and approved at the movement's conference scheduled for next May.

Elections & # 8211; Pillars

The “New Wave” wants to focus, during the pre-election period, on 4 – 5 main pillars that affect the Cypriot society and do not allow the place to be modernized/Europeanized and move forward. These chapters, around which the public debate will develop in the pre-election period, will be the Cyprus issue, the economy, corruption, education (public school/education, etc.), state-church separation (church property, etc.) and other major issues such as public health, refugees, immigration.

Volt and New Wave

It is noted that the “New Wave – The Other Cyprus” has become a member of Volt Europa some time ago and has now been renamed “New Wave/Volt Cyprus – The Other Cyprus”. The positions of the movement on the Cyprus issue – as published on the New Wave website (https://neokyma.org.cy/kypriako-zitima/)- have been adopted by Volt Europa and are expected to be debated soon in the European Parliament on the initiative of the party's MEP. During the pre-election period, Volt Europa executives from European Union countries will come to Cyprus to support the New Wave candidacy.

77 personalities

The 77-member New Wave Council is the supreme body of the movement. Its members, until the founding conference of the New Wave, are the 77 people who were announced at the big presentation of the movement on 11/18/2019, as well as 14 people who are also members of the Coordinating Committee. Next to the candidacy of the leader of the movement, Konstantinos Christofidis, if it is ratified by the congress, it is expected that the members of the Council will stand, such as the Cypriot Nobel Laureate Christoforos Pissaridis (professor of economics), Haridimos Tsoukas (professor of administration) (doctor – orthopedist), Marios Clerides (economist), Andreas Milidonis (associate professor of finance), Elena Hanna (HR specialist), Rodoula Dimitriadou (business consultant), Lefkios Zafeiriou (author), Chalagrid (professor). Panagidou (Doctor of Molecular Biology), Symeon Matsis (Economist), Giola Markou (Doctor & Oncologist), Niovi Santama (Professor of Biology), Georgia Panagiotou (Professor of Psychology), Panos Panagiotou (Industrialist), #11 Industrialist & # 82 Alexandrou (athlete – footballer), Athanasia Giasoumi (doctor of philosophy, poet), Tassos Siakallis (businessman) etc.

Volt Europa

Volt Europa was founded by a group of young Europeans in early 2017 in response to the experience of the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. In the 2019 European elections, Volt managed to elect its first MEP, Damian Boeselager. With the philosophy that change in Europe can only come from the people, Volt Europa has run in dozens of elections across Europe, winning seats in city councils in Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal and Italy, three in its national parliament. Hollande, while in November he successfully entered the Bulgarian Parliament. The most central element of Volt Europa is the reform of the European Union towards a more democratic and integrated organization, in the form of a federal state. The Volt demands real fiscal union. Immigration must be managed jointly by all European countries (we can not leave countries like Greece, Italy, Cyprus alone in this). European economies must become more modern and innovative (economic renaissance), corruption must be fought to build a state that works better for the people (smart state), Europe must take responsibility abroad by supporting the poorest states ( global balance), society should provide opportunities for all citizens, especially in the field of education (social equality) and citizens should be more actively involved in the political process (equality of citizens). The Volt is often described as a center-right or social-liberal party and originally had the slogan “Neither Left nor Right”. Only Solutions “. He describes himself as “Progressive. Realistic. Pan-European ».


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