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«New Wave || Volt Cyprus – The Other Cyprus “: The sun and the wind belong to everyone

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At a time when households and businesses are kneeling on unprecedented increases in electricity, at a time when geopolitical developments are still unpredictable, at a time when the climate crisis is on our doorstep, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) should be a hope. , a lifeline. The inclusion of millions of kilowatt hours of photovoltaic and wind farms should help, if not reduce prices, even contain them.

The political system with its wrong, unacceptable and intertwined policy in relation to the purchase of electricity from the large wind and photovoltaic parks took care to cancel this perspective. Our Parliament, a decade ago, despite the recommendations of experts, decided to buy the wind kilowatt hour at record prices compared to other European countries. The same Parliament, a few years ago, decided to buy the photovoltaic kilowatt hour at prices of production costs of the conventional kilowatt hour from the EAC.

So today we reached the incredible fact that the photovoltaic parks make profits of over 400%.


· The State to request a voluntary substantial reduction of prices from the entrepreneurs involved and with the income it will receive to target vulnerable households and small and medium enterprises

· The State may also request a further temporary reduction of taxes for fuel for six months as well as further upgrade plans to encourage savings for existing homes and the use of RES, including businesses

· It can also upgrade public transport and electric car charging infrastructure


· As an emergency measure due to the situation may impose a ceiling on the price of oil and gasoline for the next six months

These measures are justified as temporary measures but not as permanent.


It is interesting that our political system has “passed” the sun and the wind to the friends and elites of the political and party system. The “New Wave || Volt Cyprus – The Other Cyprus “has specific proposals for a fairer and more honest distribution of the natural resources of our country.

Source: politis.com.cy

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