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New year and new name for the RISE Research Center

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New year and new name for the RISE Research Center

A new era for the RISE Up Center of Excellence – the Center for Research and Innovation in Cyprus that specializes in interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies – with the renaming of the Center of Excellence CYENS.

The word “cyens” is an old way of writing the word “scion”, which means sprout, a new beginning on a strong, fully developed organism. For our Center, the name means just that. At the same time, the acoustic game with the word meaning “science”, indicates the capacity of the Center as a point of scientific research and experimentation.

The Center, as the product of the cooperation of the three public universities of Cyprus – University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology and Open University, as well as two well-known European universities – Max Plank Institute of Informatics and University College London – under the guidance of the Municipality of Nicosia, is located now in the phase of its most intense development, with new goals and activities, as well as a new name and new address.

The Center started in 2018, with a small team of employees, and is reaching the end of 2020 with more than 85 researchers and other staff, with the ultimate goal of continuing this upward trend, surpassing 120 employees within the next two years.

Reflecting this increase, all the employees and functions of the Center move with the beginning of the new year to its new – and final – space, in the Town Hall Square, in Nicosia within the walls.

Simultaneously with the new name, the Center adopts a new logo which is an evolution of the previous logo and is transformed from a two-dimensional form into a three-dimensional one, reflecting the Center's specialization in the virtual imprinting and transfer of our world to analysis and analysis. various application areas.

Along with the name and logo change, a new website, www.cyens.org.cy, has been designed. With a renewed design, the aim of the new page is the thorough information of the visitor regarding the action of the Center in matters of research, research and educational programs, prospects of cooperation with the Center as well as conferences and other events.

The Research Director of CYENS Dr. George Chrysanthou, commented that “Despite the difficulties of last year, our Center made significant progress in increasing our research production, in creating international collaborations and in making a substantial contribution to society. The absorption of digital technologies has accelerated to address the difficulties posed by the pandemic. This makes our know-how and skills even more important and necessary. The move to City Hall Square, as well as the new name CYENS Center of Excellence, emphasize our goal to qualitatively and effectively graft the ecosystem of research and innovation in the field of information and communication technologies, in interactive media, in the smart city. “

In a statement, the Business Director, Mr. Nestoras Nestoridis, stressed that: “We are pleased to announce that the name of the Center has changed since January 1, 2021, marking a new beginning. This new principle reflects the Centre's focus on the future. At the same time, it allows us to establish our Center as the most innovative and reliable partner in the fields of interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies through the global scope of our research. Our highest priority remains our commitment to society, to our partners and partners. We look forward to welcoming you again (or welcoming you all again) to our world of innovation. “

Welcoming this year that brings new developments Center, with the change of name and relocation to its new facilities, the Mayor of Nicosia and Chairman of the Board, Konstantinos Giorkatzis, said that the Center of Excellence CYENS, coordinated by the Municipality of Nicosia, is part of the city and an integral part of the wider strategy of the Municipality for sustainable urban development. The CYENS center, located in the heart of the Creative Business District, in the historic center of the city, next to the dead zone and the City Hall building, strengthens the ecosystem and the development of the wider area as a hub of innovative entrepreneurship and innovation.

The vision and goals of the Center remain the same: The undertaking and conducting of world-class scientific research to promote innovative thinking through multiple business sectors, creating social and economic benefits. Through the synergies between the interdisciplinary teams that make up CYENS, the subsequent solutions offered will be human-centered.

Source: www.philenews.com

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