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Newly branded 100 Cypriot wines

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By the 1st quarter of 2024, WineCore will be integrated into the packaging of Cyprus Wine Consortium wines

Με νεο σorμα 100 κυπριακκρα ;σιa

The selected wines of the 15 wineries will bear the WINECORE mark as a marker of their quality and exclusively Cypriot character.

Με νΕο σorμα 100 κυπ ριακα κρασια

By Maria Herakleous

The Cypriot wines of the 15 wineries participating in the Cyprus Wine Consortium will be released under their own brand in the coming period. This is WineCore (Wineries of Cyprus Own-Rooted Evolution), which from today, until the first quarter of 2024, should be integrated into the packaging of the consortium's wines and will be placed on the capsules of the wine bottles. It is estimated that in one year, 100 different Cypriot wine labels will carry this logo on their packaging. At the same time, the brand will be used in other promotional media such as banners and participation in exhibitions. As the managing director and founding member of the Cyprus Wine Consortium, Theodoros Theoharis, explains to “K”, WineCore identifies the exclusively Cypriot character of the wines and will be an important bridge to consumers, inside and outside Cyprus, with the aim of strengthening its presence in Buy. However, primarily the brand will be launched in the Cypriot market and foreign markets will follow selectively. As part of the promotion of the new identity mark, the ADAMOMA wine exhibition – the only exhibition focusing on Cypriot wines and indigenous varieties, in which only the 15 WINECORE wineries take part and which takes place twice a year – will be presented abroad very soon .

Με νΕο σorμ&alpha ; 100 κυπριακΑ κρασιΑ

Quality Mark

Cypriot wine exports were almost 2 million in 2022 and saw an increase of over 40%.

In addition to an identity mark, this mark could also be characterized as a quality mark, since it will only be given to wines that will successfully pass the internal quality control of the Cyprus wine Consortium. Thus, the consumer who will see the mark, will know that the wine is organoleptically correct, which means that it will not contain unpleasant odors, such as those of oxidation or reduction (heavy aromas from sulfur compounds) nor any other oenological error. The wines that will be chosen to bear the logo are under the strict condition that they are made single-varietal or by majority (blends) from indigenous and authentic Cypriot grape varieties. “We have recognized, we promote, and we aim to introduce the following Cypriot varieties to the whole world: Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, Morokanella, Giannoudi, Vasilissa, Promara, Ofthalmo, Michalias, Marouho, Katomilitiko, Kanella, Sportiko, Moschato Aspro, Flouriko,” he says. Mr. Theoharis. However, it is emphasized that if the specific mark is not present on a Cypriot wine, it should not be perceived that these are lower quality products, but that it may be a winery that does not participate in the Consortium.

Collective effort

As Mr. Theocharis emphasizes, in order to further develop the image of Cypriot wine and to increase its market share locally and in foreign countries, a collective effort is now needed from the wineries, while he emphasizes that until now the communication of the unique characteristics and advantages of wine Cyprus is not sufficient. To address this issue, WINECORE wineries have already started to create material and mechanisms to disseminate the elements that make quality wines from Cypriot varieties with their own unique character, which is also attempted through the WINECORE brand.

< p>The other branding

In addition to the initiative of the Cyprus Wine Consortium, the Ministry of Commerce is also promoting Cypriot wine, although the process is moving at a slow pace. From 2021, an action plan for the creation and promotion of a Cypriot wine identity (branding) was drawn up, which also included the creation of a commonly accepted logo, which will express the national wine entity of Cyprus, and will be used in all promotional activities. The plans included the creation of a website and its promotion on social media. At the moment, the creation of a single wine branding for Cypriot wine is in progress, while as the Minister of Energy informed about this at an event of the Cyprus Wine Consortium, the proposal for the creation of a special trademark is before the Legal Service for review. Once the audit is completed successfully, then it should be registered with the registrar of companies and then there will be a period for submitting objections. If there are no objections, then the mark will be presented and its promotion campaign will begin. This is about the Commerce Department. It is recalled that the creation of the Cyprus Made logo is also underway, which will also be used in the promotion of Cypriot wine.

Exports are increasing

< p>Cypriot wine exports are at low levels since they absorb a very small percentage – only 5% of Cypriot production. However, they show a steady increase every year. Indicatively, in 2022 the value of exports showed an increase of over 40%. Specifically, in 2021 the value of Cypriot wine exports was €1,403,801, while in 2022 it amounted to €1,990,177. Quality wine exports are considered even smaller given the competition at this level, while of course the level of exports is always combined with the volume and quality of production. As for the domestic market, it is estimated that Cypriot wine covers around 40% of consumption, while the remaining 60% is covered by imported wine.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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