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Next to Chloraka, the PtD for the implementation of the major reform of the TA

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<p> The President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, addresses the inauguration of the Chloraka Community projects. </p>
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    In Chloraka today the PtD – “Wherever and when there is proper planning, control, professionalism and consistency, the projects are completed and effective”

    The State stands by Chloraka said on Saturday the President of of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis inaugurating the important projects of the completion of the construction of the protection measures and the improvement of part of the beach front with the “Breakwaters at Alytzii beach” and the completion of the third and final phase of the Cultural Center with the project “Canteen and Exhibition Space of Vrisis” .

    He also expressed the certainty that together with the Community Authority they will do everything necessary for a successful implementation of the major reform of Local Government.

    Two projects that, among many others, the President of the Republic said, show and confirm the strong interest of the community authorities for substantial development and progress of the community.

    Referring to his visit to the coastal front and the on-the-spot informationwho happened to say that “we have confirmed, individually, the transformation, indeed, of the front beach between the St George and Laura hotels, with the construction and installation of the 5 breakwaters and the other complementary works of improvement and regeneration”.

    The breakwaters, he said, “make the sea accessible, but we will also have to develop the space in front, the beach, so we will immediately proceed with the Town Planning to give the relevant permits so that it can be used by the community and the residents of the area.”

    The project, which falls under the European Cohesion Policy program “THALEA 2021-2027” and is being promoted for the final certification of compatibility with environmental specifications, is, as the President said, of the Republic, an example of the effectiveness of the will and the correct organization of all the contracting parties.

    President Christodoulidis highlighted also the roleof the previous Government to include the project in the “Thalia” program.

    He reiterated that they are all worthy of congratulations because this is one of the few projects that was delivered before the completion deadline, adding that this in itself says a lot.

    The President of the Republic stated that “where and when there is proper planning, control, professionalism and consistency, projects are completed and effective”. Especially, when it comes to projects, as he said, such as this one, “which aim to upgrade and strengthen both our tourist product and the standard of living of the residents of the wider area”.

    At the same time, he expressed the certainty , that “the project to improve the beach front of Chloraka will contribute to the further development of the area and the provision of better quality services and opportunities both for residents of the area and for visitors”.

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<p>There are, as he said, about eight hotels and this particular beach can serve people who stay in these hotels, but also at the same time the residents of the area.</p>
<p>Then <strong>he welcomed his work Ministry of Transport</strong>expressing his pride in the fact that he hears from local authorities welcoming the assistance of public services, but also of the architect because the key and the beauty of the space is the unity of the space and it is another indication of the steady course of development and qualitative upgrading of the Community , as he said.</p>
<p>The Community of Chloraka, from today he continued, acquires a versatile, model, Cultural Center, which harmoniously combines the creation of infrastructure for cultural events and activities, the very careful aesthetics of the space, the respect for the environment, highlighting tradition and much more.</p>
<p>As a State, it congratulates and applauds such projects with clear targeting and proper planning for the regeneration of community spaces, but we are here to support and strengthen them substantially, added the President.</p>
<p>President Christodoulidis announced that yesterday he received information about the positive development of another project of the Community – which he considers particularly important, because when we talk about projects related to Education and Health they are very important – the expansion and general improvement of the 1st Primary School “Agios Nikolaos” by the Ministry of Education. The process, he said, is at the stage of preparing the Contracts and in a short time the works will start.</p>
<p>Referring again to the <strong>Marina</strong>, which was the <strong>first request of the EBE Paphos</strong>, he emphasized “we proceeded with the relevant Deputy Ministry and during our own governance we will lay the foundation stone, correcting a distortion that has existed for a long time”.</p>
<p>He then referred to the issue of the decree that had been issued in 2021. It was, he explained, “one of our first actions to implement the decree, to correct a distortion that existed for the community, I know very well the challenges you face because of immigration” , adding that “the whole country, especially some areas like Chloraka”. topic.</p>
<p>For the first time, he continued, all those who are not entitled to international protection are leaving our country, and on the occasion he assured that “this particular issue will be dealt with no matter how many challenges arise”. We know the concerns arising from irregular immigration, we are here and we will face this great challenge, he added.</p>
<p>The President also said that it is a common finding that the community of Chloraka, now proven, is on a course of continuous development, regeneration and progress, for the benefit of its residents primarily, but also of tourism in our country, in general. We are sure that all the recent, completed or ongoing projects in the Community of Chloraka, will give a new dynamic of development and prosperity to the region, with only positive developments for our place, added the President of the Republic.</p>
<p> On his part, Chlorakas community leader Nikolas Liasidis, who is re-claiming a position in the Chlorakas Council, said that in the last 7 years, projects worth more than 20,000,000 euros have been built.</p>
<p>The two projects that were inaugurated, he added, provide added value and will leave a long-term impression on the community, since they contribute to the upgrading of the local economy, while at the same time enhancing the socio-cultural value of the area.</p>
<p>These projects are the fruit of many years of effort. of many people, who envisioned them, believed in them and contributed to their implementation, as a result of which we today have the pleasure of enjoying them, he added</p>
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