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Niazi Kizilgyurek in “P”: We are leading to division

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In the period leading up to the elections in the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey, no significant development is expected around the Cyprus issue. At the moment, Erdogan, an ally of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), is trying to get what he can from the nationalist pool of voters.

In an interview with “P”, the MEP of AKEL, Niazi Kizilgiurek, records the recent moves of Erdogan, but also the existing data around the Cyprus issue.

Unfortunately, he points out, Mr. Kizilgiurek may see mobility in the Cyprus issue after the elections in Cyprus, but also in Turkey.

At the same time, he emphasizes that it is time for the Republic of Cyprus to think outside the box, “Out of the box” and with creativity and a real will to reverse the path to division.

Commenting on the MOE proposed by the Greek Cypriot side, after the initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis, Mr. Kizilgiurek expressed the view that the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot sides will not show much interest.

In addition, he stressed that the Justice Party and Development (AKP) is politically dependent on the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) & # 8211; which supports the Erdogan government & # 8211; and restricts movements in the Cyprus issue.

Erdogan tools everything

In his efforts to get re-elected, Erdogan tools every data presented to him.

Mr. Kizilgiurek cited the way he negotiated as an example Turkey and the United States, as well as the veto of Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO, adding that Erdogan is using it for domestic consumption.

“With this policy, Erdogan is also aiming for reciprocity, having a trade perspective on Turkey's international relations,” he said.

From 2023 onwards

Are we expected to see any developments in the Cyprus issue after the elections in the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey?

Mr. Kizilgiurek expressed his concern that the new Presidents who will emerge will probably gather their initiatives in MOE rather than for the overall settlement of the Cyprus issue.

He explained that the MOE should be viewed positively, but not as a substitute for resolving the Cyprus issue. “I notice that there are forces and trends that limit the future until the implementation of some MOEs, especially in the field of natural energy, with some exchange,” he noted.

difficult and pessimistic situation.

Maybe it is worse with CHP

Asked what would be the political scene in the Cyprus issue in the event that the next President of Turkey comes from the Republican People's Party (CHP & # 8211; Kemalist party), Mr. Kizilgiurek answered that it is very difficult to build a solution to the Cyprus problem. only in the change of Turkish leadership.

“If one considers that the opposition parties have a more nationalist stance than the AKP, which is more pragmatic, and Erdogan, who may be more flexible at a time when securing specific EU-US interests, then there is a possibility of a presidential election. from the CHP to make things worse “, he explained.

The new President of the KD will face a historic challenge

The new President of the Republic of Cyprus will face a historic challenge, as it will need to reverse the permanent division of Cyprus.

to resolve the issue, “he said.

He expressed the view that the way the Greek Cypriot leadership approaches the Cyprus issue, both with Nikos Anastasiadis and before,, leads nowhere.

“We need new ideas, new perceptions and creativity. In particular, substantial openings are needed to the Turkish Cypriots. That is, to the community that wants to be maintained in Cyprus as a Cypriot community, resisting Turkish intervention. “Therefore, the new President must integrate the Turkish Cypriots in the idea of ​​a federal Cyprus,” he stressed.

He stressed that concrete openings should be made to the Turkish Cypriots through European funds in all sectors of society, building a cooperation between the two communities.

“It is time for the Republic of Cyprus to think outside the box. “Otherwise, whoever becomes President, we will see one of the same and take another step towards division.”

Political coup in the occupied territories

Referring to the current situation in the Turkish Cypriot community, Mr. Kizilgiurek stressed that it started with a political coup against Mustafa Akinci.

“Election” of Ersin Tatar, but still going on.

“The AKP's intervention has gone beyond the space of the Left, as it has also proceeded with internal issues of the National Unity Party (UBP), up to who will be the leader of the party, but also who will be the” ministers “in the” government “. This fact, Mr. Kizilyurek underlined, shows that Erdogan wants to fully comply with the Turkish Cypriot demands of Turkey.

He noted that through the protocols Turkey comes to alter the population in the occupied areas, as the presence of the settler community grows day by day.

“At this stage, the Turkish Cypriots are fighting a battle to defend their identity. “The majority of Turkish Cypriots are in a controversy defending the Cypriot identity and secularism,” he said.

is under pressure from Ankara's policies.

“In all the latest protests and interventions of the Turkish Cypriots, one will notice that the main slogans are about survival. In other words, they are going through an existential stress, as they want their future to be in a united Cyprus, within the European Union “, he added.

” The political forces and the possible candidates for the presidential elections do not convince me that they will make the necessary openings to the T/C community and how they will think of some ideas outside the box “, he stressed.

Shaking hands with each other

Commenting on the possibility of leading the Turkish community to early “elections” & # 8211; request of the Republican Turkish Party & # 8211; and to appoint a new progressive “government”, Mr. Kiziljurek stressed that the notion that “elections” in the occupied territories would improve the conditions of the Turkish Cypriots would be false.

“At the same time, a politician will be needed a struggle and a coalition of the forces of the solution, together with e/k political forces, to build a common front.

He concluded that both the e/k and the T/k should to move away from ethnic politics and join hands on a common front for a federal solution.

Source: politis.com.cy

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