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Nicholas shows Nikos for the Presidential

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Nikolas Papadopoulos with his statements yesterday to RIK showed that the scales are tilted towards Nikos Christodoulidis as to which candidate the Democratic Party will support in the next Presidential elections. The position of the DIKO leader is considered crucial not only for his own party, but also for the wider area of ​​the Center. & Nbsp;

Speaking to RIK, Nikolas Papadopoulos was clear enough as to what should be the first choice of DIKO in the next Presidential elections. He claimed that Nikos Christodoulidis has the quality characteristics to be the next President of the Republic. Although he said that the choice of the autonomous descent remains on the table, nevertheless the atmosphere in the area of ​​DIKO is such that on June 26 what will be announced is the support for N. Christodoulidis. & Nbsp;

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During his statements yesterday, Nikolas Papadopoulos referred to the meeting they had on Monday with Nikos Christodoulidis. The president of DIKO said that, among other things, the suggestions and proposals of the independent candidate were discussed regarding the management of the Cyprus problem, the economy, the General Health Plan, immigration, but also the fight against corruption. & Nbsp;

The president of DIKO stated that the concerns that are developing in his party in relation to the Presidential elections do not concern exclusively Nikos Christodoulidis, but go wider. “There is a political scenario that we must analyze in order to reach our own decisions,” said Nikolas Papadopoulos during his morning statements to RIK. & Nbsp;

As N. Papadopoulos explained, for DIKO it is an act of excess to support Nikos Christodoulidis: “To decide that we will not allow disagreements that we had together in the past to prevent us from supporting him and focusing on the future.” & Nbsp;

The president of DIKO admitted that they had disagreements and agreements with N. Christodoulidis. He pointed out that “there were cases when the Democratic Party supported Mr. Christodoulidis, at an unsuspecting time when he was attacked by others.” He claimed that DIKO supported Nikos Christodoulidis when he was attacked by the president of DISY, Averof Neophytou. These cases, according to N. Papadopoulos, were on the issue of sanctions against Turkey and the filing of coordinates of the Cypriot exclusive economic zone. & Nbsp;

Nikos Christodoulidis has already met, apart from DIKO, and Ecologists. For next week, he has scheduled meetings on Tuesday with DIPA and on Thursday with Marinos Sizopoulos. While on June 22 he will have a meeting with the leadership of PEO, in the context of his meetings with all organized groups. & Nbsp;

The decision that DIKO will take is expected to affect the course that will be followed by the other forces of the so-called intermediate space. It is estimated that the direction in which the main pillar of the Center will move will push both the Democratic Party and EDEK. & Nbsp;

They demand equal treatment & nbsp;

< Marios Iliadis and George Kolokasidis are winging the "party candidates", demanding an open dialogue and equal treatment. & nbsp;

Marios Iliadis stressed that “the euthanasia of the party candidates, either those who admit it or those who appear in the guise of an independent, will not pass. I will do everything in my power, so as not to turn another electoral contest into a two-speed race “. “Telemades, better known as debates, should not be limited to party candidates. It is the right and expectation of the people to bring all views before them,” he added.

George Kolokasidis appealed to all candidates for joint discussions in which everyone will participate without exception. In order, as stated in a statement, these discussions to take place in front of the people, to be covered by the media and to delve into the critical issues of Cypriot life. G. n./p>

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