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Nicolas initiative for Cyprus, a prelude to new turmoil in the government camp

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ΠρωτοβουλΙα Νι κόλα για Κυπριακό, προοΙμιο νΕων α ναταραξεων στο κυβερνητικo στ&rho ;ατoπεδο

Suddenly, the Democratic Party announced last Saturday that it is taking an initiative among the cooperating parties in view of developments in the Cyprus issue. DIKO declares that it is a move to achieve coordination. The first to be surprised were the party's partners in the joint government themselves, as they had previously expressed their reservations.

On the occasion of the new mobility in Cyprus Nicolas Papadopoulos wanted to take the initiativeto bring together all the forces that support President Christodoulidis as well as other personalities. It is essentially a move that alludes to the revival of a specific front in the Cyprus issue, which DIKO seems to want to bring back to the fore.

This move seems to entail several risks for the front of the co-governing parties as well as on the relations of President Christodoulidiswith these. According to our information, prior to DIKO's announcement, some contacts had been made by Nikolas Papadopoulos with the other two leaders, Mario Karoyan and Marino Sizopoulos. The same information states that there were reservations about making this move now considering that nothing about Cyprus has yet been revealed, beyond the Holguin contacts.

At the same time, during these meetings, it was pointed out and that such a move can be interpreted as an expression of reservation for the handling of President Christodoulides. The opinion was also expressed that both the three parties andthe President of the Republic himself is bound by the pre-election program of Nikos Christodoulidis and as far as the Cyprus issue is concerned, there are no signs of departing from what was agreed upon. And therefore they saw no need to take such an initiative at this time.

However, on Saturday, Nikolas Papadopoulos announced that DIKO is taking the initiative in view of the new effort by the United Nations to restart the talks on the Cyprus issue, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and unity between neighboring political forces and personalities. According to the President of DIKO “it is crucial that our side comes with determination, collectiveness and a constructive mood so that it is possible to restart the talks as soon as possible”.

“In this context, we have undertaken a Cooperation for Stability initiative, with the cooperating political spaces and also personalities in Cyprus and abroad”, he added. As the President of DIKO stated, “the goal of our initiative is to ensure and strengthen the spirit of cooperation and readiness between neighboring political forces and personalities, in such a way that it shields the effort of the President of the Republic and will contribute to the normality and stability that this critical period requires”. “As part of the initiative, we are planning meetings with leaders and representatives of the parties of the co-republic, forms and personalities of society and politics in Cyprus, Greece, Brussels, but also in the diaspora”, he said and concluded by saying that “the winner of the initiative must be the cooperation and unity”.

The other components, in the co-government camp, view the initiative of Nikolas Papadopoulos with suspicion.They estimate that this initiative is not unrelated to the upcoming elections and not unrelated to the low percentages that DIKO seems to be garnering at the moment, with a visible risk of losing third place.

However, there is another parameter that has to do with the future of DIKO in the Christodoulidis government. Some estimate that through this move Nikolas Papadopoulos wants to have an exit door ready. If things in the next elections (municipal/European elections) do not go well for the party or its percentages shrink then to use the Cyprus issue and its developments as a good excuse in order to distance himself from Nikos Christodoulidis.

Furthermore, it is not the first time that the Cyprus issue and its developments have been used as an excuse for a party to end its cooperation with a government in which he participated. However, those moves were made close to presidential elections and not at such a great distance as is the case today, just one year after the election of Nikos Christodoulides to the government of the country.

Source: www.philenews.com

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