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Nicosia rushes to prevent side effects from Tatar travel

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Nicosia is in a diplomatic mobilization in order to prevent any side effects from trips that Ersin Tatar intends to make in the near future. The occupying leader mentioned a trip to Germany in March and a visit to Azerbaijan later this year. The Cypriot government is moving along specific lines to deal with Tatar actions.

At the level of the European Union, Nicosia's movements and digressions are more effective and it usually succeeds in avoiding official contacts with representatives or officials of the occupying regime. In countries where Turkey controls things, such as e.g. Azerbaijan, Nicosia's interventions are difficult.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombos, in his statements after the meeting with the President of the National Assembly of Slovenia, Ursika Klakotsar Zupacic, noted that the movements of the Turkish side are being monitored. Commenting on the information about a Tatar visit to Berlin in March to promote the pseudo-state's positions on the Cyprus issue, the Foreign Minister said that there is information that various such visits are being planned, adding that we should be very careful and see how these the visits will take place, if they are in the context of an official or unofficial visit and how they are presented.

He added that the KD emphasizes on a daily basis the lack of legitimacy on the other side and that there is no representation of any entity that has any relationship with a state entity, using all the available network to promote this message. He also said that all the necessary actions are being taken, which are sometimes of a preventive nature, some during such a visit or afterwards, depending on the case, taking into account at the same time that there is not the same possibility of influence everywhere. due to objective difficulties.

Ersin Tatar in his new statements (source Cypris/GTP) referred to the efforts he is making to secure invitations to travel abroad. Recalling that he was invited by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to the informal summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTC) in the city of Susa, Tatar said that this summit will be held in July and that the invitation was recently conveyed to him by Aliyev when he called him to congratulate him on his re-election. He noted that Aliyev made a related statement during his visit to Turkey. 

He also stated the following: “As far as I know, the Summit of the Organization of Turkic States in Kyrgyzstan will take place in October, even if the date has not been clarified. We should also be invited to the summit in Kyrgyzstan in October. Because we are members of OTK with observer status. So in the past there have been some problems because there have been some problems in a sense with the instigation of southern Cyprus with the European Union and others. I believe that in the process going forward, with the clarification of some things in that meeting in Azerbaijan, all members will harmonize with the decisions made within the Turkish Union, in the OTK and therefore our expectation is that we will also be represented with our flag in the meetings held together with full members and observer members. I believe it will be done this way”.

In his statements, Ersin Tatar appeared annoyed by President Christodoulides' reference to the need to involve Turkish President Erdogan in the talks. The leader of the Turkish Cypriots stated that he is the interlocutor of N. Christodoulidis himself and not Erdogan. To then add that “in Cyprus there are two separate peoples” and “I am Christodoulides' interlocutor, not the President of Turkey”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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