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Nicosia's Theatro Ena suspends operations

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Nicosia’s Theatro Ena suspends operations

Theatro Ena

    Theatro Ena in Nicosia announced the suspension of its operations after 37 years.

    The historic theater in Nicosia has officially declined the funding from the government& #8217;s Thymeli Grant Scheme submitted on January 26, stating that “simply put, the math doesn’t add up.”

    In an announcement, Theatro Ena described the Thymeli Scheme as “disastrous” and believes that “it has been continuously worsening by the experts of the Deputy Ministry.”

    “The hastiness and arbitrariness have achieved their goal. Thymeli has hit its target, and the deputy minister’s hopeful promises for production realization seem to have fallen flat,” the announcement from Theatro Ena reads, mockingly noting that the “experts” of the Deputy Ministry have declared it the “worst theater in Cyprus.”

    In its announcement, Theatro Ena assures that “we, the ‘servants&#8217 ; of the theatre, stubbornly hold our ground, looking for solutions to continue and not let inertia defeat us.”

    The Theater Federation of Cyprus has been repeatedly sounding alarm bells over the sustainability of independent theatres, arguing that state funding is not enough to keep them afloat.

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