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Nikki Haley is photographed writing 'make them' on an Israeli shell

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<p><strong>During a visit to northern Israel, near the border with Lebanon, the hapless candidate for the Republican nomination to be the US right-wing candidate for the presidency on 5th November Nikki Haley was photographed writing 'make them' on an Israeli shell, footage shared via X by an Israeli MP.</strong></p>
<p>Rep. Danny Danon, his country's former ambassador to the UN, accompanied Nikki Haley, also a former ambassador to the UN, on her visit near the border.</p>
<p>“'Make them!' my friend the former ambassador,” Danny Danon said in a caption above a photomontage in which, among other things, the Republican is depicted in a deep seat as she writes something with a marker on a shell. He also wrote the phrase <strong>“America has always loved Israel,”</strong> replacing the word “love” with a heart.</p>
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🚨🇮🇳🇮🇱 Nikki Haley wrote “FINISH THEM” on Israeli missiles that will kill Palestinian children.

I support DEPORTING NIKKI HALEY to her ancestral homeland of India. pic.twitter.com/E7EHs7a9ge

— Jackson Hinkle 🇺🇸 (@jacksonhinklle) May 28, 2024

Ms Haley did not specify who “them” was referring to. Mr. Danon implied, but not clearly, that he was referring to the military arm of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah.

Israel “must take the initiative and change the situation. The residents of (the Lebanese cities of) Tire and Sidon should leave their homes and the residents of the (Israeli) north should return to theirs,” commented the Likud MP. He was referring to the thousands of residents of northern Israel who have been displaced by the practically daily exchange of fire on the border between Hezbollah and the Israeli army since the day after the war broke out in the Gaza Strip.

This photo sees the light of day some twenty-four hours after the bombingof the Israeli army in a Palestinian displaced persons camp in Rafah on Sunday, which claimed the lives of at least 45 people and caused a wave of international outrage.

Especially in the US, where criticism is multiplying > on the politics of President Joe Biden, as the Democrat offers almost unconditional support to Israel, although he has criticized in some cases the way operations are conducted in the Gaza Strip.

The White House said yesterday that he sees no “major ground operation” taking place in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, so there is no US “policy change” towards Israel.

Nikki Haley, 52, dropped out of the race for the White House in March, after being soundly defeated by Donald Trump in her party's caucuses. Despite her sometimes harsh criticism of the billionaire, last week she assured that she would vote for him in November.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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