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Nikolas Papadopoulos: They continue the story of Milosevic

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Nikolas Papadopoulos: They continue the story of Milosevic

The position that the Democratic Alarm and the government whenever they are in a difficult position recruit the fairy tale, as he characterized Milosevic to hurt DIKO and the memory of Tassos Papadopoulos, expressed in the show of Active Insider the president of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos .

Speaking to Socrates Joachim and Mario Rousso, Mr. Papadopoulos described the issue of naturalizations as the biggest scandal of all time, noting that every time DIKO highlights the heavy responsibilities of the government, some people remember the lies revealed by 17 Alithia newspaper. years, which are far from reality.

He stressed that as long as the government does not give the general auditor access to the naturalization files, he confirms the complaints of DIKO that he has something to hide.

Answering a question why he chose a person on the ballot of DIKO who carried out more than 140 naturalizations, however, he stated that it does not mean that whoever did naturalizations did not function properly, emphasizing that for this reason his party should have transparency in the matter.

However, he left open the possibility for DIKO to vote for the revised state budget, meaning that DISY and the government accept the compromise proposal submitted by the former Attorney General Costas Clerides, that is, to give access to the Auditor General with an explicit ban of the research committee appointed by President Anastasiadis.

Mr. Papadopoulos also accused the government of refusing to accept DIKO's suggestions on the pretext that there is no money, adding that this is not the case as there is always money for its own proposals.

He also launched an attack on the previous government and the former governor of the Central Bank, Panikos Dimitriadis, for not adopting DIKO's proposal for the creation of a bad bank, an issue that is being discussed today, which led to a haircut without accountability to justice.

He also launched an attack on DIPA and ELAM for their decision to vote for the state budget, describing them as branches of the Democratic Alarm, adding that they are anything but anti-systemic parties.

Finally, in view of the upcoming parliamentary elections, he set the bar high, emphasizing that he does not rule out cooperation with any party, including DISY, meaning that he will accept the principles, values and proposals of DIKO.

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Source: www.philenews.com

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