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Nikolas: The PD refers to a confederation

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Nikolas: The PD refers to a confederation

In high tones and with a particularly sharp style, the president of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos referred to the handling of President Anastasiadis on the Cyprus issue. Supporting the issue of the confederation and the two-state solution talks on the part of the President of the Republic, Nikolas Papadopoulos stated that Nikos Anastasiadis had also spoken to him about the idea of a loose federation solution. Inaugurating yesterday a new form of communication due to the restrictive measures against the pandemic, the president of DIKO held a teleconference on all matters. Nikolas Papadopoulos, referring to the Cyprus issue, stated that the image he received from his conversation with the President is that what he has in mind resembles a solution of a confederation and not a federation. He even went on to note that if what the President of the Republic said to him, he said to both Turks and Turkish Cypriots, it may be reasonable to create the impression that the President is willing to discuss a confederation solution.

He added that other interlocutors of the President, in addition to the Archbishop, say the same publicly, that is, “after they have spoken to him, they have a confused image or have understood about a confederation.” He added that these other interlocutors are foreign diplomats, European officials and others and this creates a worrying picture. It is not only the Turks, he argued, who may raise the issue of credibility.

When asked what exactly the President told him, Mr. Papadopoulos answered “for a loose federation, to limit the responsibilities of the central government”.

He added that when asked by the President, “from his context he comes out for cooperation of two states in very limited matters. He went on to say that he could not speak on his behalf.

“I have to say that I spoke with the President, and what he described to me refers to a confederation solution. And if he said it on the other side, then I am afraid that the image was created that the President is ready to leave the base of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation and go to something else, in cooperation of two states, and it is no coincidence that Tatar is promoting this. , argued.

“His positions are confused, I do not know what the loose federation will include. “Where will the relaxed one differ from the other”, said the president of DIKO.

As for the forthcoming Pentagon, and his party's concerns, Papadopoulos said the United Nations would not have made the invitation if it had not known that the parties would accept it, adding that the President “had accepted the invitation before asking us”.

He said that his party has submitted and will continue to submit opinions and suggestions to clarify some things before we go to the conference. He said his party sees a diversion from the solution base and is particularly concerned.

Asked whether based on these data and the disagreements of DIKO and if he does not clear the landscape, his party will accompany the President in the five-party, he clarified that so far there has been no final report from the President to accompany the political leaders.

He said his party would accompany him if asked to do so, as despite the disagreements, “it is our duty to advise him even when we disagree, but our reservations remain and we say them publicly.”

He added that if the President goes without clarification and clarification, he will have to face a very dangerous situation, with the risk of completely diverting the negotiating base.

In another question, he said that he sees few possibilities in the EU for substantial sanctions against Ankara, saying that our image and our credibility, due to golden passports, also indirectly affect the Cyprus issue.

He welcomed the descent of Mitsotakis to Cyprus, but said that in terms of reconciliation and common approach and identification of views on the basis of negotiations, it should be clarified what form of solution we are talking about, clarifying that he does not believe Athens discusses anything other than bipartisan, bipartisan .

He said that if the President's aim and intention is to lead things to a dead end and ultimately discuss a confederation solution, he is not sure that this is Athens' position.

“This has not been for decades and I do not think it will change,” he added.

“Strong DIKO for strong change”

The president of DIKO also referred to the goals of his party for the parliamentary elections, saying that the goal is a DIKO with a leading and regulatory role, in order to change the mentalities for the benefit of the citizens.

He also said that his party submitted proposals to support the economy due to a pandemic with costing much lower than the measures implemented by the Government, but was not willing to discuss them.

He said most were implemented in Greece such as rent subsidies and loan installments. As for the sales, he said his party supports any proposal that provides protection to borrowers and addresses bank abuse and pressure.

He blamed the government for failing to address the pandemic, saying his party had warned of a second wave. He said that the rulers imposed total restrictions and stumbled when the cases were 400 in total while when it was 400 per day, we had no restrictions.

Karoyan and the prefecture of power…

The president of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, insists on the need to give the Auditor General the files of naturalization, finds contradictions between the proclamation of the PD and those submitted to the Investigative Committee and attributes to the Government an attempt to cover up corruption and scandals. He calls on the citizens in the parliamentary elections in May to turn their backs on those who coexist with corruption or become branches of corruption and to vote for DIKO for a clear change.

He blamed EDEK and ELAM for their decision to vote on the budget, saying that the masks had fallen, that EDEK had failed to change the budget, while ELAM, while saying it was an anti-systemic party, ran to help as soon as they needed it. He also referred to the “deputies who follow Mr. Karoyan who, while saying that they are genuine representatives of the center, the only genuine is the prefecture and the exchanges of power”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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