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Nikos Anastasiadis leaves plan b open for DISY candidate

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On the twelfth of this month, in that much-publicized rally attended by ministers, other government officials and many members of the ruling party, Averof Neophytou attempted to expel any ideas and thoughts about the possibility of staying at the table of an alternative. of. The candidate for the presidency clarified that the party is running in the presidential elections with only one clear “plan a” in which he is the candidate of the party. This was fully clarified at that rally, at which the foundations were laid for the coordination of the state mechanism with the pre-election needs of the candidate of the ruling party. There has been no objection or challenge to the party's decision to nominate its president for the presidency.

“Whatever the party says”

Based on this reality, the President of the Republic, for the umpteenth time recently after the decision of DISY, stated in an interview, this time on the television station ALPHA, his support for the candidacy of Averof Neophytos. However, through his answers he invokes, often with surplus installments, the party discipline, noting that the support of the candidate is a result of the party's decisions:

  • “My position can not be with the party mantle, that is, to go out and shout long live the first candidate or the second candidate, but I have clearly stated that for me the one who is chosen as the party candidate is also my candidate. I will support him until the end, I will consider him as expressing the party “.

The President of the Republic, of course, once again – as he has been doing in all his recent interviews for the election – does not give clear answers in relation to the line of the party that there are no alternatives to the issue of party candidacy on the one hand, and the eligibility of the candidate on the other. Answering the question whether he will continue to “support Averof Neophytou's candidacy if it turns out that this candidacy does not win”, Nikos Anastasiadis answers almost vaguely, while incorporating in his answer issues that have nothing to do with the party's decision:

  • “This is a matter for the party's collective bodies and the president himself. Mr. Neophytou is a politician with insight, a political crisis of an increased degree. They will decide, if and to what extent it is required due to collaborations to have a withdrawal. If, for example, it is stated, as stated by AKEL, that, you know, the presidents of the party should be excluded from a possible cooperation. In such a case, it is up to the party's collective bodies to decide. But at the moment, what I know is that the faction has a candidate, and that is Averof Neophytou. “


Party sources consider the argument of the President of the Republic with the example he set for AKEL to be completely illogical. The position of the main opposition party does not depend, nor does it determine the overall position of the Democratic Alarm for its party candidacy, there was not and there is no such possibility, party sources told “P”. As claimed, the presidential position is, in essence, an attempt to reformulate a clear decision of the Democratic Alarm. The President of the Republic indirectly tries to introduce the stigma of doubt whether Averof Neophytou will be able to unite the party in the upcoming elections. The President's answer is in complete contradiction with the certainty of Averof Neophytos that the party has erased from its stores any “plan b” in relation to claiming the elections.

Waiting for the appointment

According to information from “P”, AKEL's pan-Cypriot electoral conference will take place in Nicosia on May 8, during which the party's candidacy in the presidential elections will be ratified. It will be preceded by provincial conferences in April. In the meantime, the first official appointment of the secretary general has not been closed yet. of the party Stefanos Stefanos with the president of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos for the beginning of the official dialogue of the two main opposition parties with the aim of seeking convergences for cooperation in the presidential elections with a common candidate.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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