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Nikos Anastasiadis: No to measures against Russia that do not serve the EU goal – Early discussion on NATO membership

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If and if some of the measures proposed by the EU against Russia do not help and are not in line with the goal pursued by the EU, then they simply will not be adopted, said today the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new EOKA Fighters' Restoration Wing in Palodia, the President was invited to address a debate in the EU on Monday on imposing sanctions on Russia. and how the Cypriot Government will act on this, said that “already, some concerns have been raised regarding the 6th package.

What we have said is that they should be targeted , in order to have results. At the same time, the impact on the Member States should be taken into account by European partners, and ultimately, instead of being sanctions against the invader, they should be sanctions against the Member States. Therefore, we will do the same.

We are in favor of the unity of the EU, in favor of the measures that must be taken when international law is violated. And this, of course, cannot exclude Cyprus. ”

Asked if there was a case for not participating, the President said that “there is no such thing. “What exists is that if and when some of the proposed measures that we have identified and documented have shown that they do not help, are not in line with the goal pursued by the EU, simply those specific measures will not be adopted.”

Asked whether there is a chance for the discussion on NATO membership to open for Cyprus as well, President Anastasiadis said that “I think it is too early to discuss something similar, there are serious problems that, even if it were the wish of the Cypriot Government, would collide in procedural matters and especially in the denial of course of Turkey. It takes unanimity to become a (member) of NATO. In addition, we are a small country, we need protection, of course, the issue is effective protection and decisions to be approved by the people. “

The President of the Republic laid the foundation stone of new wing of the Rehabilitation of the EOKA Fighters Melathro

The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis laid the foundation stone of the new Rehabilitation wing of the EOKA Fighters Melathro, in Palodia.

In his greeting at the laying ceremony of the foundation stone, the President of the Republic stated that “with great pleasure I accepted the invitation to perform the inauguration of the new Rehabilitation wing of” Hellenes Abroad “, of the EOKA Fighters' Brotherhood.

One wing , which will upgrade the high level services of Melathros and will greatly contribute to a vital sector of public health.

Allow me, before any other report, to warmly congratulate the present and the respective Boards of Directors, as well as the staff of Melathros, for the continuous development of the Foundation, but also their dedication to acts of offering to fellow human beings and society.

It would be an omission if I did not refer to the visionary of the project, a vision that you can enjoy my dear Andreas (Angelopoulos) as a result of the offer of the freedom fighters who, in collaboration with the state, managed to complete it and not just complete it but to become a model institution of offering to fellow human beings, first to the freedom fighters and then to the whole.

I would especially like to congratulate our expatriate compatriots, who, as can be seen from the honorary naming of the wing , appreciating the complex work carried out in Melathro, they contributed through their generous contributions, to its construction and operation.

Undoubtedly, the Melakron of EOKA Fighters, in addition to the Home for the Elderly that it maintains, a state-of-the-art unit of care, hospitalization and recovery, has managed to adequately and professionally meet the special needs of patients who choose it.

In this context, Melathros's high services and multifaceted work, thus increasing its dynamics, are recognized as a significant contribution to the health sector.

It is not accidental that the state contributes and contributes, but also within the framework of the establishment of GESY, the inclusion of Melathros, so that those who need hospitalization, treatment, rehabilitation in particular, receive exactly the affection of the state through GESY./p>

It is not accidental that the institution's continuous expansion with the Ministry of Health, but also the University Institutions of the country in the field of research, as well as the trust shown in it by large centers abroad that choose cooperation with the EOKA Fighters Club.

As a state, utilizing and wanting to strengthen the well-known prestige work carried out in Melathros, we have supported, are supporting and will continue to support its activities in various ways. , for referral of patients from state hospitals, with the Ministry of Health funding from 2013, dozens of beds that are used for patient stay, with total costs by 2021 amounting to 22 million euros.

< p>At the same time, for the same period, Melathron received a state grant totaling 550 thousand euros, while for the construction of the new wing that we are launching today, additional financial assistance of one million Euros was given.

The project we are launching today is the new expression of the offer of the freedom fighters and the staff of Melathros to the Homeland and it is no coincidence that thousands of our fellow citizens have already benefited from the specialized services it offers.

Through their zeal in carrying out their mission, Cyprus can be remembered for Melathros's remarkable contribution in the field of health, as well as for his generous social contribution.

At the same time, it would be my omission if I did not express my warm thanks to the respective Ministers of Health, but also to make a special mention to the General Director of the Ministry of Health, my friend Christina Giannaki, who is really the link between Melathros and the State. Her work is universally appreciated and I felt the need to mention it more specifically and by name, because it is universal acceptance that it does not distinguish in the effort of offering and that is the most important thing. Thank you Christina.

I want to repeat once again, the state was, is and will remain present. You deserve it, we owe it to you, we owe it to those who gave or dedicated their lives for the liberation of the place, they now give with their social contribution the opportunity to our fellow human beings to face problems that the conditions sometimes require specialization to deal with “

Afterwards, the President of the Republic was honored by Melathros for his timeless support to Melathro.

In a brief report, President Anastasiadis said that it is” either as a person or as a representative of the people, what I want you to know is that as long as I breathe I will be a pillar next to you, as in the past “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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