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Nikos – Annita: “Two foreigners” at the conference of New Democracy

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Νiκος – Αννiτα: «&Delta σ ;οκρατiας

Exactly one month after the conference of the European People's Party, in Bucharest, the two highest state officials of Cyprus were in Athens, this time for the New Democracy conference.

The president of the Parliament and of the DISY, Annita Dimitriou, on Saturday, and the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis on Sunday, addressing essentially the same audience and from the same podium, with parallel speeches showed the disagreements them and also their different approaches regarding the upcoming European elections. Among the few common points of the two speeches is the praise of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Starting with the Cyprus issue

In his speech, President Christodoulidis and referring to the Cyprus issue after first noting that this year marks 50 years of “illegal Turkish occupation” stressed that this is “an unacceptable state of affairs which cannot continue, cannot be the future of Cyprus, of European Cyprus”. He then repeated that “I will spare no effort to end the occupation, for the liberation and reunification of my homeland”. And then he thanked K. Mitsotakis, the Greek government and the Greek prime minister “for the active and substantial support of our efforts, on a solid basis of common understanding and a unified strategy, for our common claims”.

In her own statement, 24 hours earlier and from the same stage, the president of DISY, indicated that “we have a supreme debt, despite the difficulties and intransigence of Ankara, to be ready with determination on the front line,in order to achieve the best possible result on the basis of the agreed framework, the Bizonic Bicommunal Federation, with political equality. A solution that will be based on the resolutions of the United Nations and international law, the principles and values ​​of the European Union. A sustainable and functional solution, which will lead to the creation of an independent and sovereign state, free from guarantee and intervention rights, free from the presence of foreign troops”. Thanking in turn K. Mitsotakis for “the assurances that the normalization of Greek-Turkish relations goes through the Cyprus issue”.

Looking towards Europe

< p>President Christodoulidis, referring to the presence of the two countries in the European Union, said that the two countries “as members of the great European family with a clear European orientation, with a voice and a role in Brussels, through a lasting and substantial cooperation, Greece and Cyprus, are the of the EU's external borders in an area of ​​critical importance, being in practice key pillars for dealing with any challenges”. He added that “from the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine to the conflicts in the Middle East, Greece and Cyprus, on the right side of history, are proving that they can play a decisive role as the representatives of the European Union in the region.”

Annita Dimitriou, during her speech, indicated that “the coordination of movements and the joint progress of Cyprus – Greece, through our common European path, but also the prospects that are opened up through the EPP, our big European family, the most powerful political force that shapes policies and strategies in the EU, is more than ever an urgent need”. He also noted that “the European way of life is not something we can take for granted anymore. We live in times of successive changes, geopolitical tectonic changes that create insecurity and multiple crises – economic, climate, food, immigration, energy – even in matters of political stability and directions. In these difficult times, unfortunately, extreme voices find ground and are strengthened, taking advantage of the vulnerable situation of European citizens”.

And a historical look-back

< p>Despite the fact that the two Cypriot speakers took care to highlight the historical personality of Constantinos Karamanlis and the role of New Democracy, they nevertheless chose different quotes.

N. Christodoulidis chose the quote that says: “[… ] no effort and sacrifice will be spared to make Greece strong and invulnerable. With the Armed Forces modernized, the independence of Greece will be guaranteed. And she will be respected by all, without the need for other protectors apart from the collective organizations in which she will participate with her free will and in accordance with the permanent interests of Hellenism, which includes the fate of Cyprus”.

< p>And A. Dimitriou, referring to K. Karamanlis, said: The great leader did not lag behind in the great encounter with history.With Greece wounded by the seven-year dictatorship, he knew that only through unity and solidarity can the country really turn the page: “If we don't take advantage of this unique opportunity now, &#8211? to consolidate the Republic – in vain we will look for another in the future”. Thus was founded in an armageddon of developments, the Party which was and is the guarantor and guarantor of the democratic polity in Greece.

He went on to make special reference to the parallel paths and achievements of Constantinos Karamanlis and Glaukos Cleridis.


For Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Special attention should also be paid to what Nikos Christodoulidis and Annita Dimitriou said about Kyriakos Mitsotakis,where there was clearly an indirect competition for the best words!

Referring to the role and importance of the New Democracy for Greece, the PtD said: “Throughout its history, the periods it was in power, even as a responsible official opposition, but much more today, under the leadership of dear Kyriakos, the New Democracy contributed substantially, with actions and not words, among many other things, to the further “consolidation” of the independence and sovereignty of Greece, upgrading the Armed Forces and the deterrent power of the country, gaining the respect of all, in a period of significant international and regional challenges”. And closing his speech he emphasized: “And rest assured, with Kyriakos at the helm of the Hellenic Republic we will achieve all our goals”.

The president of DISY said a lot about the leader of the National Democratic Party, including the following: “In the face of Prime Minister and friend Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Hellenism in every corner of the earth receives pride and deep emotion since he is a role model and an example of a leader, with Greece becoming stronger day by day on a diplomatic, political and social level. […] But I am certain that the Greek people recognize that with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greece is becoming stronger day by day”.

Different approaches to the European elections

It was also seen exactly one month ago in Bucharest that Nikos Christodoulidis and Annita Dimitriou may both be talking at gatherings of the European right, but in what has to do with Cyprus, their approaches are different.

President Christodoulidis noted that “we are “a few weeks before the elections for the nomination of the members of the European Parliament”. Elections of pivotal importance for the future of Europe itself, which this year acquire even greater importance because of the challenges we face. Multi-level challenges that […] touch on issues of everyday life of citizens and the new generation. Challenges like accuracy, quality jobs, strengthening competitiveness, the digital and green transition, immigration, strengthening social cohesion and so many others that only through a strong Europe can we deal with successfully”. To close his report by expressing support for Ursula von der Leyen to “lead the European Commission again”. >”Like us, you too will have to face the same enemies again. Populism, nihilism, empty slogans.

You will again have to face those who did not learn from their mistakes and failures and continue to attempt to exploit the hope of the people, without political orientation and governance plan”. Cyprus, said Annita Dimitriou, needs a strong Democratic Alarm and Greece needs a strong New Democracy. And he concluded by emphasizing that “we have proven that we are the responsible political forces that the citizen can rely on, since through challenges we always find ways to create new opportunities”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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