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Nikos Polyderopoulos: His first post on Instagram after the sudden death of his brother

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Νiκος Πολυδερoπουλος: Η πρ τη του αναρτηση στο Instagram μετà τον ξαφ νικθνατο του αδελφοy του

His visit to Mount Athos

The family of Nikos Polyderopoulos is experiencing very difficult times, after Christmas his 28-year-old brother suddenly “passed away” after a heart attack.

Remember that thePantelis Polyderopoulos on Christmas Eve was working normally as a bartender in a well-known restaurant in Patras.

Nikos Polyderopoulos had a particularly beautiful relationship with his brother and the event sank him. in sorrow.

“The point is that the child is gone, the rest of us must stay behind strong to support. He had a discomfort in his throat, he went to the doctor and told him it was nothing and that he could go away. The next day we were waiting for him to celebrate together.

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    When he arrived he said “I came, I brought the gift” and fell. And since then it's all over. We did everything necessary for him, the exercises, etc. EMS came, but we couldn't get him back. We don't have the final result yet. We are waiting. It will be delayed a bit, but to be stopped… This! His heart stopped. In the previous days he had a cold and a sore throat. He didn't have a fever.

    He went to the hospital and was told he was fine, to get a spray. No antibiotics, no blood test, no auscultation. He came to my mother and says “well, not even me’ listen maybe it's something”. If they had examined him we might have caught something. He went to Agios Andreas”, were the first statements of the beloved actor about the death of his brother, Pandelis.

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    Nikos Polyderopoulos yesterday, Monday, January 15, held his first posting after the loss of his brother. Specifically, the well-known actor shared a photo from his visit to Mount Athos.

    See the following snapshot:

    Νiκος Πολυδερπου ? τον ξαφνικo θανατο του αδελφοy &tau ;ου

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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