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Nikos Polyderopoulos on the performance from which he was removed: Where I was caught, I expected a different treatment

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    Νiκος Πολυδερoπ οοοτηο ;ποααπομακρyνθηκεi που ;ναωμοσπεναλλη ανιμ ετoπιση

    You are playing, somewhere you are uncovered and you receive the punch, added the actor

    Nikos Polyderopoulos spoke about the completion of the collaboration in the show “Class Witness “.

    The actor referred to the case and explained that he did not expect something like this, especially at the time when he had lost his brother.

    Speaking to Hello, Nikos Polyderopoulos said about the show: “The worst knocks, the ones that don't get over, are the knocks of life. People's hits are overcome. You just learn your lesson, how to be covered next time to handle a situation like that.”

    He then added: “I see it as a fight in a ring maybe. You're playing, you're exposed somewhere and you get punched. So, you start to learn how to protect yourself”.

    Finally, he said that he was surprised that something like this happened, in a phase as difficult as his brother's death.

    < p>“Trust is a big talk, it takes a lot of effort to earn it. I will say that something going wrong is something that can happen. I was surprised, however, that it happened at this particular time, in the particular condition I was having a hard time with the family loss I was experiencing. Where I was caught, maybe I expected another treatment or if you want, I didn't expect the one I had”, he said in closing.


    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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