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Nikos Tornaritis: He threw the ballots in the ballot box and tenderly kissed his wife, Leia

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Νіκορναρισψ ηοτινκαιηστ ρυρτη σζγο Λεα /></p>
<p>“Today we all vote for our Nicosia, only love to all”</p>
<p>Nicos Tornaritis, the candidate for Nicosia Mayor<strong> who came to the election center of the High School of Archbishop Makarios III in Plati Aglatzias,<strong> accompanied by Leia's wife.</strong></p>
<p>He himself, after “dropping” the ballots in the ballot box, <strong>kissed tenderly his wife who stood by his side all this time,</strong>while in the statements that followed he expressed his gratitude to those who stood by him in the five months leading up to election day.</p>
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<p>He also thanked the citizens for coming to the polls, regardless of their vote, while among other things he said:<strong><em> “Today all of us we vote for our Nicosia, only love to all”.</em></strong></p>
<p> <video class=https://showbiz.cyprustimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Snapinsta.app_video_An8PQ6MOh0lzAQ-wcyZEgJbuiMftzJOZWBhm2IU6k 8mlksfVyUdKLrOHgRpUaMjEKQ9qpbPzw7MjJQxqOsW6E9Ra.mp4


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