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Nikos's announcement is approaching – Daily contact with citizens

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Meetings and coordination with some of his associates are now more frequent and this has to do with what will follow in the next few weeks. Nikos Christodoulidis intends to announce his candidacy before Easter and to officially enter the battle of the Presidents of 2023. & nbsp;

Unofficially – as was the accusation he received many times from Pindarou about early pre-election – he continues to hold meetings on a daily basis, to see people and to discuss a lot of issues related to the difficult election that follows, but also to this the content of the announcements. All this time, especially after his departure from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis moves all over free Cyprus, sees people and discusses with them a lot of issues. Listens and records opinions and prepares. & Nbsp;

The office on Severis Avenue is slowly beginning to take the form of the “headquarters” from where the battle for the Presidential 2023 will take place. Although those close to Nikos Christodoulidis know very well that most of the battles will take place between in the world. Because if it is something that is recorded after a first round of contacts that he made all this time and which closes with the announcement of the candidacy, it is the positive approach of the citizens to his face. An approach that goes far beyond the narrow party and ideological boundaries. & Nbsp;

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Strong displacement of N. Christodoulidis in society < Difficult Alarm puzzle with Averoff and Christodoulidis help him. And their expression shows sincerity in what they say without having anything else in the back of their minds. & Nbsp;

The dialogue he conducts with the citizens, especially lately, is not limited to a narrow party framework but expands to the entire political-ideological spectrum of society. And this is something that is recorded by public opinion polls. The fact that citizens have been insisting for months now on keeping him at the top of the polls by a wide margin from the rest means a lot. & Nbsp;

The big picture & nbsp;

The two polls that saw the light of day in March and another that was classified as secret had a lot in common, which shows that at the moment there is a given perception in the world. All the measurements showed Nikos Christodoulidis moving very high in percentages. And in all scenarios it appears to have a clear difference from the second ranging from 13 to 24 points. And with its popularity starting at 33% and reaching up to 40 percent. & Nbsp;

From last November until today, we constantly hear Alarm executives asking their interlocutors the question: “What are the positions of Nikos Christodoulidis in the Cyprus issue, in the economy, in the internal government?”. wanting in this way to investigate the fact that roughly the former Foreign Minister is someone who has no opinion, no position. Although behind this question lies another, more intense question: “How is it possible for a person who does not say his position on the Cyprus issue, the economy, etc., to receive so much support from the citizens and to be overwhelmed by politicians with strong point of view? ». & nbsp;

The reason they find it difficult to find an answer to their own question is because they continue to look at things through the narrow lens of the party and avoid seeing the big picture of the wider society. And the wider society is looking for solutions outside the party establishment, outside party frameworks. That is why the polls show that people who are not considered part of the party establishment, move higher than the rest. & Nbsp;

For example, the latest poll published (Kathimerini 20.3.2022) confirms the preference of citizens for non-partisan executives or party leaders. In all scenarios, Nikos Christodoulidis ranges from 33 to 39 percent. In the three scenarios the difference from the second Averof Neophytou is between 21 and 24 points, in a fourth scenario it has a difference of 19 points from Nikolas Papadopoulos and in the fifth scenario with the participation of Irini Charalambidou the difference is reduced to 13 points. And this has exactly to do with the fact that both, Christodoulidis and Charalbidou, do not carry the label of party leader. They are recognized as belonging to political entities in a particular space, but this does not work negatively for them. & Nbsp;

Qualitative Characteristics

It is clear that the citizens are looking for solutions outside the narrow party framework and especially beyond the party leaderships. And this can be seen through the answers given – in the context of the same poll – by the citizens regarding the important issues that concern them and they will measure more when they decide who to vote for. And through the polls it also seems that people like Nikos Christodoulidis are supported by all party areas. & Nbsp;

In the so-called quality characteristics, a strong lead of Nikos Christodoulidis is recorded again. And it is precisely on these quality characteristics and the suggestions of the citizens that Nikos Christodoulidis intends to move through the positions that he will announce. Because the tendencies of the public opinion can on the one hand show a very positive image for a candidate but on the other hand they also record what the average citizen demands from a politician. It is the demands for solutions to the problems, especially those that concern economic and social issues.

And these messages, say the associates of Nikos Christodoulidis, reach them and through his positions the candidate will take care to respond. to what people are asking for. Without auspicious slogans and vague sentences. Because, as they emphasize, the citizens have matured politically and are not content with slogans but want proposals that provide solutions.

He began to experience the war from the right

At the meeting of the Supreme Council of DISY, everyone appeared on the lapel with the colors of Ukraine, wanting in this way to send a message as to which path the specific faction is following. In the Russia-Ukraine war, the DISY leadership is in favor of the weak Ukrainians who are being violently attacked by the powerful Russians. & Nbsp; the Russo-Ukrainian war, but with different roles. & nbsp;

Nikos Christodoulidis began to experience the war from the right. He recently had a good taste during the presentation of his book in Athens, where interventions were made from Pindarou to the Maximos Palace in order for Nikos Dendias not to attend and speak. In the end, the Greek Foreign Minister sent a visual message, since he was absent abroad, and through which he made sure to note that he is not involved in the political events of Cyprus. & Nbsp;

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