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No offense was filed against Pyrilli

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No criminal offenses were substantiated, including the abuse of power & nbsp; against the Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, the Attorney General ruled after the findings of the Auditor General's report.

Police response to complaints against the Mayor of Paralimni

Regarding complaints to the Police against the Mayor of Paralimni, an announcement of the Police is attached, which informs that after studying the investigative file, the Attorney General gave the following opinion:

1. & nbsp; No criminal offense was substantiated and abuse of power

2. & nbsp; In relation to the allegation of the poor composition of the Administrative Body, ie the Bidding Committee, the Attorney General ruled that it is not a police issue, as long as there is no deliberate action for profit, and the issue falls within the scope of the administrative of law.

3. & nbsp; Also, in relation to the issue of non-application of Regulation 4 (2) c of KDP 397/2013 (“” proven at least five years of experience in providing facilities in the sea area for which a tender will be submitted “), it was decided that there is no question of non-implementation of the contested regulation, as otherwise the obligations of the Republic of Cyprus arising from the enforcement of European Union law will be affected.

The main findings of the report of the General Auditor & nbsp; in his report on the Municipality of Paralimni, which also included the involvement of the Attorney General:

Weaknesses in the internal control system, ie the procedures, practices and policies implemented by the Municipality, under the responsibility of & nbsp; administration, which is a prerequisite for achieving its goals in the most economical, efficient and effective way. from any embezzlements.

Failure to keep a register of remittances, for registration of checks received by mail, for purposes of issuing the relevant receipts and registration of receipts in the books of the Municipality. The Municipality does not initiate lawsuits for the collection of tax arrears, fees and rights and does not keep a register of lawsuits/court cases. & Nbsp; General, for the monitoring and control of the construction works and the works of separation of plots, as well as the relevant receipts.

The Municipality has not adopted a register of contracts, for the effective control and management of the implementation of the purchase contracts of goods , services and project execution.

Large quantities of valuable items, such as power poles, lamps, asbestos pipes, water fittings, cots and beach umbrellas, are still enclosed without being registered in a Warehouse Universal. (Employees and Workers Welfare Fund and Workers' Support Fund) and contributions to health care plans, which should no longer be borne by the Municipality.

The network server of the Municipality is installed in an inappropriately designed area, where all the necessary security measures are in place and the Municipality has not prepared a formal Emergency Plan, which includes a disaster recovery plan, as well as alternative solutions/procedures for its information systems, which concern the continuation of its work after a disaster.

The Municipality has not taken care of the collection of the necessary data for all the billboards that are installed in its borders and to register them in a register of billboards, in order to be able to collect the relevant rights in cases where licenses can be issued and obtained. court action for illegally posted signs.

The City Council does not apply Article 85 (2) (k) (iii) of the Law on Municipalities, which provides that the manager or manager of a hotel business must present for inspection and control the forms and books related to the payment of overnight fees, to an authorized person and at a time to be determined by the Municipal Council. venues where public performances are performed without permission.

The tax list of real estate fees for the year 2014 does not include 880 cases of real estate plots, for which a municipal real estate tax of € 57,767 is still due, which was imposed in the years 2006-2013, without these cases being investigated, in in cooperation with the Famagusta District Land Registry, to determine the reasons why the owners are not presented in the tax lists of 2014, as the sale or transfer of real estate requires the prior payment of all due municipal real estate fees.

For the purposes of monitoring and controlling the use of municipal lands and securing the revenues of the Municipality, no conditions are prepared that govern their use and operation.

The amounts collected by citizens during the years 1994 until 2015, for the construction of roads, were recorded in the revenues and deposited in the General Account of the Municipality, instead of relevant special fund.

No report is prepared for the report and evaluation of the activities, after the end of each cultural event organized by the Municipality.

Amounts of sponsorships to associations and institutions, which may relate to cultural events, are recorded in the expenses of cultural events, instead of the General Ledger account “Contributions-Sponsorships”.

The Municipality has not set criteria for granting sponsorships to associations, associations and organizations and does not guarantee that the granted sponsorships are used for the purposes for which they were given.

For the monitoring and control of the European Programs in which it participates , the Municipality has not adopted a register, in which data related to these programs are registered and the equipment provided through these programs is not registered in an appropriate register of assets.

The documents for each expropriation of real estate are not kept in separate files and are not registered in a relevant register. Also, the necessary measures are not taken in time to implement the purpose of the expropriation, within the deadlines set by the Constitution.

The Municipality does not take measures to utilize the floor of the building rented in 2007, for housing the Municipal Library and termination of the ongoing waste of public money, since for the period 12/2007-2/2016, rents totaling € 139,120 were paid.

According to a letter from the Mayor to the Famagusta Police Director, dated 18.6.2014, around the end of March 2014, a deficit was found in the fund of a municipal employee with collector duties amounting to € 109,502.32. We pointed out that it took a long time for the case to be reported to the Police.

The Municipality accepts the collection of debts by accepting postdated checks, in violation of the relevant Financial and Accounting Instructions.

Number of hotels at the municipal boundaries has carried out renovations and/or extensions, with the construction of additional floors, without securing the required building permit and without the Municipality taking any measures. We asked the Municipality to send to our Service a detailed list, with reference to whether the execution of the works was/is done without permission, the measures taken by the Municipality or intends to take, as well as whether the Municipality has issued a permit to these hotels operation of a professional property, in accordance with Article 103 of the Law on Municipalities, but without any response.

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