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No property damage from new earthquakes – Earthquake warning

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No damage was caused to the occupied territories by the earthquake that occurred last night in Hatay, according to Ersin Tatar. However, the media published photos and described the terror it caused as it was also felt in Cyprus, with the result that many people in the occupied territories stayed out of their homes all night.

In a written statement, the T/c leader, states that the "civil defense" informed him that no loss or damage was recorded.

Ersin Tatar, like many other Turkish politicians, wished "passing" about the new earthquakes.

Meanwhile, the "mayor" of occupied Nicosia, Mehmet Harmanci made public the list of places where people can gather in case of disaster or emergencies. Mr. Harmanji did this through his personal social media accounts, immediately after the new earthquakes in Hatay.

"All we wish is for the difficult days we are living to end as soon as possible". He noted that the list refers to the areas designated as emergency and disaster staging areas last year by the "civil defense" within the limits of the "municipality" in potentially dangerous situations

Earthquake warnings in Cyprus

Besides, part of the Turkish press is republishing today the statements of the well-known Turkish seismologist, Naci Gyorur, that a major earthquake is expected in Cyprus as well, which will mainly affect the northern part of the island and Mesaoria.

Speaking on a special show on Halk Tv, Mr. Gyorur said that after the February 6 earthquakes, he had warned that another big earthquake would happen in Adana or Hatay. 6.4, he said, is a big score. "The line that goes to Hatay, that is, the Dead Sea fault, broke at least within Turkey's borders and discharged/extracted its energy".

He does not expect, he said, another major earthquake within the borders of Turkey. "After all, we were waiting for this earthquake". There is a possibility, he continued, of a new earthquake in Adana due to energy transfer, saying that "we are expecting a big earthquake in Cyprus as well. However, we do not know the time and size».

Oguz Vadili, president of the Turkish Chamber of Geological Engineers, warned that we should all be prepared for a possible earthquake without panic and take precautions.

In a written statement, after yesterday's earthquake in Hatay, Mr. Vadili said that movement is expected between the Karpasia – Hatay arc or near Cyprus, noting that it is not possible to give precise information about the time period that will occur or its size.

According to him, the Anatolia fault, which has been unable to produce high-magnitude earthquakes for a long time and has almost fallen asleep, woke up with the 6.8 Richter earthquake in 2020. Three years after the Elazig earthquake, continued, both the Pazardzhik and Elpistan sections of Kahramanmaras ruptured, 9 hours apart, according to USGS data.

Yesterday's 6.4-magnitude earthquake occurred at a depth of 7.7 kilometers in Hatay's Samadag location, Mr. Vadili said, adding that this location is also known as the intersection of the Anatolian Fault, the Dead Sea and the Cyprus Arc. He also noted that on the coast of Cyprus, especially in the east, yesterday's earthquake was felt at a magnitude of 4-5 on the Richter scale.

The East Anatolian Fault (EAF), he continued, is a seismically active tectonic fault. Because of the nature of this fault, it is a process that can be expected to cause earthquakes by transferring its energy, he added.

In fact, he said, since the day of the earthquake in Elazig, the next earthquakes occurred in the areas where earthquakes were expected.  The only difference is that no one expects these earthquakes at such frequent intervals. Mr. Vadili also mentioned that the northern part of the eastern Anatolia fault is in the Gulf of Alexandretta, between Kyrenia and Misis, while between Hayat and Karpasia there is a seismic gap, which has not produced strong earthquakes for a very long time. He also noted that scientists had previously predicted the earthquakes that occurred on the specific fault based on specific scientific data.

"This natural phenomenon will always happen. An earthquake is like the pulse of the earth. The important thing is not to turn the earthquake into a disaster. Ozug Vadili called on the people and those in charge to train on how to deal with an earthquake so that they are ready.

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