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No result from Tatar contacts to form new “government”

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One week after the resignation of the second tripartite “government” KEE – DK – KA under Faiz Suzuoglu in the occupied territories and the contacts of the Turkish leader Ersin Tatar with the leaders of the “parliamentary” parties yesterday afternoon and today, did not bring a tangible result so far, with the result that the “government” crisis continues.

After his meeting with Ersin Tatar, the first, today, the chairman of the opposition RTK, Tufan Erciurman, stated that the re-assignment of the mandate to form a “government to the chairman of the KEE, Faiz Suzuoglu, is not acceptable and normal in a democratic structure. Recalling that Mr. Soutziouoglou was given the first order and formed a “government” that lasted 59 days. When the same “government” alliance was formed again, he said, the two smaller parties reacted because their own term was not included in the “government” program, and this, he noted, after the program had been read in the “parliament”.

He said he was ready to take over the formation of a “government” as the second largest party and the opposition party, provided that if he failed to form a “government”, Mr. Tatar as “president” would call early “parliamentary elections”. He also expressed readiness to discuss all scenarios, including a “government” of technocrats (proposed by KL President Kudret Ozersay). to give the order to form a “government” again to Mr. Suzuoglu, but this is not fair and if that happens “there is nothing left in this democratic structure”.

The president of RTK wondered if it was normal to give the order to another “MP” of the KEE and not to the president, Faiz Suzuoglu, especially after the statements of Thaksin Ertugrouloglou that Ankara does not want him. “It's neither normal nor legal. According to what they say (in the KEE), because the Turkish Republic does not want Faiz Suzuoglu, it means that the new cabinet will be created by a KEE MP. Nor does that have any sense of legitimacy. ” The most dangerous thing, he said, is to normalize the anomaly they are living now and to discuss whether the mandate will be given to one or the other “MP” of the KEE. “It's the biggest damage that can be done to democracy.”

We will wait until Monday, said KEE chairman Faiz Suzuoglu, who last met with Ersin Tatar for about 45 minutes. According to him, Mr. Tatar told him that he would evaluate what he heard over the weekend and on Monday or Tuesday, whether he would order the formation of a “government”, or he would invite specific political leaders to a meeting again.

Faiz Sujouoglu, however, stated that he considers that it is not appropriate for him to go to the DK and the KA again after what happened and to tell them “let's form a” government “”. “At least it does not suit me and that is why I have no such intention.” It's not moral either, he noted.

Asked what his position would be if the mandate was given to another “MP” of the KEE, Faiz Suzuoglu said that this should be assessed, adding that the situation goes beyond the individual level and is not expressed by the view “either me or early elections “, Nor” either he or early elections “, meaning the” parliamentary elections “. the mandate to form a “government” as soon as possible and ruled out the possibility of early “parliamentary elections”, saying that such a thing is not an alternative.

Meetings yesterday with DK, KA and KL

According to the GTP, the Turkish Cypriot press refers to yesterday's meetings of Ersin Tatar with the other 3 parties. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Fikri Ataoglu, said that the “government” must be formed very quickly and his party will not avoid taking responsibility, no matter what “government” is formed.

He added that those of the 50 “deputies” who will not participate in the new “government” will have to submit proposals for solutions and his party submitted its views to the “competent ministers” even when he was in opposition.

In a statement following a meeting of his party's delegation with Tatarstan, KA Vice President Talib Atalay said they wanted to implement a structure that would be in line with its own “government program” and ” protocols “concluded with Turkey and to keep its promises.

Noting that the fact that the “country” is “ungovernable” disturbs the consciousness of their party, Mr. Atalay stated that the KA is ready to support any “government” either by participating in it or staying out.

During the meeting, he said, the “electoral system” in the occupied territories was not discussed, but his personal view is that “if we do not want to change this system, we must ensure its operation. “If the system does not work, there will be no support for it.” the “country” and not to hurt democracy. With Mr. Tatar, he added, they shared various possible alternatives. “As a KL, we will not become part of formations that oppose democratic practices. We support democracy. “If there is an assignment contrary to democratic practices, the KL will not enter into this process.” We will work for the defense of democracy and the non-erosion of the institutions of the “state”, concluded Mr. Ozersay.

Source: www.philenews.com

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