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No ship was seen for Piraeus …

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No ship was seen for Piraeus ...

The interest of ferry companies, which seem to have been discussing with the Ministry of Tourism about the possibility of their participation in the tender that ended yesterday for the sea passenger connection Cyprus – Greece, remained verbal. The competition did not manage to gather any bids.

The wreck of the relevant tender was announced yesterday by the Ministry of Shipping, without hiding its disappointment, while information from “F” states that the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Vassilis Dimitriadis, was down yesterday, as he did not expect an offer. for the route, which many had given, due to the nature of the competition. The fact, however, is that this year, too, is not expected to be a way out for our aerobic fellow citizens or others interested in going to Greece – with a final destination in Piraeus, based on the competition – if of course they chose to travel, given the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Ministry of Shipping also blames the pandemic for the end of the tender, however it should be noted that the project for the sea connection Cyprus – Greece, which existed in the past, still seems to be considered economically unprofitable by the market. This is despite the state subsidy that would be given in this direction, in the context of the tender, after the relevant approval secured by the EU

As the Ministry of Shipping announced yesterday, despite the interest shown by potential bidders to secure the documents of the Open European Competition for the Cyprus-Greece Maritime Connection, which would receive a state subsidy of up to 5 million euros per year, according to EU rules. Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI), unfortunately, no offers have been submitted by shipping companies. According to the announcement, the deadline for submission of bids was yesterday, 29.1.2021, at 12 noon. The tender documents were drafted on the basis of the SGEI bid under the guidance of the European Commission, the Undersecretary added, adding that the demonstration of market interest triggered by the December 11, 2020 press conference led to the securing of tender documents by 24 distinct economic operators. “The non-submission of bids at the deadline may be due to the uncertain economic situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which undoubtedly affects the shipping sector, especially the passenger and car ferry sectors,” said the Deputy Minister. announcing that the whole project of the Cyprus-Greece maritime connection will be re-evaluated when the conditions allow and after contacts with the shipping industry, but always with the aim of maintaining the balance between the service of the General Financial Interest Service (SGEI) and and rational disposal of public money.

Speaking to “F”, the advisor of the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Andreas Karamitas, did not rule out the re-announcement of the tender. All possibilities, he said, are open, after the situation is first assessed, as it was formed, and there are discussions with the industry.

Source: www.philenews.com

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